Skanda Sashti Kavacham or Kanda Sashti Kavasam is a song composed in Tamil by Devaraya Swamigal on Lord Muruga, in the 19th century. In the song the. This app contains Kantha Sasti Kavasam audio Song and Lyrics of Kanda sashti kavasam. Everyone can sing the Kantha Shasti Kavasam along with the Music.

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He is supposed to have defeated two asuras called Idumba and Kadamba and made them his devotees. In short, it can be recited by anyone without any notion concerning raga. Condensed version of Ramayana sung by M. Sashti is the day that Lord Subramanya defeated the demon Soorapadman.

All strangers would come and salute them, The nine planets will become happy, And shower their blessings, They would shine in prettiness. Please see and see that my sins are powdered, Let the black magic and great enmity go away, Let great devils and those who shake their tails, Let the uncontrollable Muni, which creates problems, Let the back yard Muni which eats babies, Let the ghosts with fire in their mouth, Let the ghosts which steal my speech, And let the Brahma Rakshasas which follow ladies, Run away screaming when they see me.

Mind, oh mine, meditate On the feet of that Young God, Who waged the war, To end the problems of devas, great. Let your holy Vel protect my chest, Let your straight Vel protect my two shoulders, Let your great Vel protect my two napes, Let your graceful Vel protect my back, Let your youthful Vel protect my sixteen ribs.

In thine, handsome trunk with twelve arms, And with the garland of nine gems inlaid with precious stones.

Teulgu please protect me with love, give me food and wealth, Oh Velayudha slowly and gracefully. Guha and Muruga are other names for Skanda. It is said that regular chanting of this song causes the predicaments of life to be resolved and that chanting the full song 36 times a day brings wealth.

Prosperity and plenty will abound. Bhava is what that is required. Whoever fasts and prays to Lord Muruga for the six days of Skanda Sashti is believed to receive Muruga’s blessings.

Meaning of Skanda Shasti Kavasam and Benefits of Reciting the Kavasam

Those who are unable to fast for a whole day for a six-day duration, can eat just one meal during this period. Account Options Sign in. The war was waged for six daysat the end of which the Lord vanquished the asura.


Kanakadhara Stotram for grace of Goddess Lakshmi in kanddha house. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Notify me of new posts via email. Let me praise your holy names, He who originated from Saravana, He who originated from flashing light, He who was born to Tripura, He who originated from holy sound, He whose feet is adorned with anklets, He who severs the cords of attachment, He who is the nephew of Vishnu and Lakshmi, He who protected the army of devas, Sahsti who released them from prison, He who is called Skanda and Guha, He who holds the resplendent Vel, He who is the son of Karthika maidens, He who lives in Kadamba forest, He who is Muruga with the sweet Vel, Who defeated Idumba and Kadamba asuras.

One half became a peacock, which He took as His vaahana. Make all of them afraid of me, Make them roll in kandhw floor out of fear, May them shout loudly and get mad, Let them dash their head on my door steps, Tie them with your Pasa rope, Tie them tight, Roll them telufu tying, And break their hands and legs.

So it means — we should chant Kandha shashti Kavacham without any desire or malams. Salutations to the Skanda with the Vel Who has occupied my mind, So that I am always His, Salutations to commander of the devas Salutations to the darling of Valli, Who is the daughter of a mountain tribe. Stotras, ashtottaras, vedamantras, vratas, subhashitas in Kannada. You should visit it for it has a fund of information on all things Lord Muruga! He whose form is strong and dazzling, Praise be to Thee!

Aditya Hrudayam HD free for Healthy life and prosperity. In the song the author prays to Lord Muruga to shower his grace.

Meaning of Skanda Shasti Kavasam and Benefits of Reciting the Kavasam – Antaryamin’s Blog

Let your sharp Vel protect my thirty-two teeth, Let your perfect Vel protect my tongue, which tells, Let your shining Vel protect my two kavadham, Let your sweet Vel protect my tender neck, Let your gem studded Vel protect my chest. He fought Soorapadman for six days, at the end of which the Lord vanquished the asura. People without children kandhw enjoy.


Catch and catch the fire of the Sun, Set fire, set fire till they wilt in the fire, Throw and throw your Vel till they scare and run. Peace will prevail at home. You are commenting using your Facebook account. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. If seen as a way, this Kavacham would kandja the truth, If seen of Ghosts by their eyes, they will get scared, It would powder bad people, And the good people would dance with joy, And all their enemies will be exterminated.

Sri Kripanandavariyar has given a comment on this great work.

As a warrior going to battle puts on jandha to protect himself, the Kanda Sasti Kavacam also helps one to be safe in day-to-day life. Do you know the ragams that are used in Soolamangalam sisters rendition of Kantha Sashti? The devas, who were tormented by Soorapadman, rejoiced — they praised the Lord sasyti prayed to him for six days. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Bless me with your grace, And let me live in a great manner.

Kanda Sashti Kavasam PDF Download

The devas rejoiced—they praised the Lord and prayed to him for six days. Oh Lord Saravana bhava, Come with kanhda, rahana bavasa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra rihana bavasa ri ri ri ri ri ri ri vinabava sarahana, Salutations and salutations to the great hero, nibava sarahana nira, nira, nirena. Tie and tie them, till they loudly cry out, Dash and dash them till the joints split, Step on them, step on them, till they break in the mud, Pierce and pierce them with your Vel.

He is also known as Vela and Kumara.

Long live, long live, he with the flag of a cock, Long live, long live, Let my poverty be driven out. Let your pure Vel protect my ash adorned forehead Let your shining Vel protect my two eyes, Let he holds the Vel protect my two ears, Let your good Vel protect my two nostrils, Let your great Vel protect the mouth, which speaks.

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