[email protected] WEB DATE: 09/04/ REV. T TEST SET. THE SUBSTATION EQUIPMENT. TEST SET for testing. The table below lists the relays that can be set and tested by T Typical application. Test of Current Transformer. • CT RATIO V AND POLARITY – VOLTAGE. Jun 25 , , ISA TV SYSTEM: SUBSTATION TEST SYSTEM OUR T, TO TEST PROTECTION RELAYS, PRIMARY INJECTION, CT.

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Click here to download a T pdf file and here to download a T pdf file. Slave ELU load banks can be added to increase capacity. The ISA T is a primary current injection testing system g3000 designed to perform primary tests requested in substation commissioning. It has six outputs: Unaffected by fault resistance.

ISA T – Protective Relay Testing – Power Utility Test – Electrotest Ltd

Click here to download a DRTS66 pdf file. Click here to download a CBA pdf file. Great for portable sia bench use! For testing and quick trouble-shooting of relays and transducers.

Click here to download a pdf file on the TFS brochure. For other power test instruments from ISA, including primary injection current sources, phase angle meters, CB testing power supplies, etc. It determines distance to fault by measuring the time for a surge to travel from fault position to measurement point. For relay testers with built-in routines for many common relays including distance and differential relays.

  IEC 61131-6 PDF

TFS provides a very modern accurate fault location solution for transmission and distribution power lines. The T is ideal for current, voltage and power transformers including a V Hi-pot and A max. Load testing can be done while critical load is still connected. Osa overhead lines can be monitored.

The instrument is housed in a transportable aluminium box, which is provided with removable cover and handles for ease of transportation. Click here for brochure on BSG. The ISA T Substation Maintenance and Commissioning Test Equipment is designed to perform primary tests requested in substation commissioning, current transformers, h3000 transformers, power transformers, protection relays, energy meters and transducers.

Click here to ask now. Informative graphic display permits use as stand-alone instrument or connected via PC. T contains three independent generators: It allows users to perform different tests and measurements on current transformers, voltage transformers, power transformers, protection iwa, energy meters and transducers. Click here to download a DRTS64 pdf file.


Features 6 timing channels, 4 aux. The T adds the capability to test relays, transducers and energy meters. Auxiliary DC voltage generator, to feed the relay under test. Ixa need to disconnect your battery bank!

Click here for newsletter note on BSG.

All outputs are adjustable and metered on the large, graphic LCD display. ISA T Features: Auxiliary AC voltage generator: With the multi-purpose control knob and the graphic LCD display it is possible t30000 enter the MENU mode, that allows to control all functions, and makes the ISA T the most powerful testing device, with manual and automatic testing capabilities, and with the possibility to transfer test results to a PC via the RS interface.

Speak to one of our experts today Click here to search for representatives by state. Multi function sia test system for testing substation equipment such as:

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