Hyperion Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | For Q. What are the two storage options available in Essbase and what are the differences? . no data is transferred. the answers to other two questions are Yes. Must read Hyperion Essbase Interview Questions. Answer. Essbase stand for Extended Spreadsheet Database. Essbase is the multidimensional database. Here is part 3 of the series Top Hyperion Essbase Interview questions pdf Answer The data block is the structure that is comprised of the dimensions.

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Can we have an meta outline based on two different OLAP models. Computer Technical Support Interview Questions. Can we build dimensions directly from data sources questiohs using rule files.

Must Read Top 100 Hyperion Essbase Interview Questions Part-1

You can link multiple objects to a inrerview data cell. For very large number of att dim displayed in the report, the performance could drastically reduce. While exporting the database, you can write the database data to an ASCII text file which enables you to load data on different platforms. Smallest Sparse dimension 6. If you use Intelligent Calculation in the database, all restructured blocks are marked as dirty whenever data blocks are restructured.

Objects gets locked to prevent users to make simultaneous and conflicting changes to Essbase database objects. We use rules to map data values to an Essbase database or to map dimensions and members to an Essbase outline.


When the intersections or cells of two dimensions mostly contain a value it is dense. Nothing has gone wrong. Can we query a member for its UDA in a calculation script.

What are the actions that improve performance for restructuring? But only one database per application is recommended. Join for a Free Demo. I have six dimensions and i gave write access to one dimension and remaining dimensions i gave read access,is it possible to load data into cube. Essbase is an file based database where the data is stored in PAG files of 2 GB each and grows sequentially. If yes, how and If No, why.

Number of days before user must change password. The server acts as a shared resource, handling all data storage, caching, calculations, and data security. Why do objects gets locked and when does this happens?

The Best Hyperion Interview Questions [UPDATED]

In the process it calculates more blocks than is necessary. Largest Dense dimension 4. Hence we can say that our period dimensions would be dense. We can manage our server resources by starting only the applications which receive heavy user traffic.

These linked objects are stored in the server. For Training Please contact: What are different types of attributes?


While loading the data, you have applied both the selection criteria as well as rejection criteria to a same record.

Hyperion Essbase 5 is an infrastructure administrator job play a crucial role. My cube is crashed,what u do?

Must Read Top Hyperion Essbase Interview Questions Part-1 – Techgoeasy

What Is Custom Based Questionx When does Fragmentation occur? How True Is The Statement? For a comprehensive discussion of optimizing data load by grouping sparse members.

Here we also need to understand what these dense and sparse members are. You can also specify an attribute when you perform calculations and use calculation functions. Boolean, date, number, and string. To be a multi-professional apply for the various positions in this field.

There are a number of things you can do to improve performance related to database restructuring: UDA represents the class of the members.

Simple attributes User-Defined attributes: Answer You can measure fragmentation using the average clustering ratio or average fragmentation Quotient. Check Out Hyperion Tutorials. Types of Partitions available in Essbase? Three types of partitions are there. UDA represents the class of the members. How can you measure fragmentation?

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