The Hicom E PBX system, the new family of systems with professional phone system for small and medium enterprises. The system supports ISDN and. responsibility for errors or omissions contained herein. Configuration Note – Ver C (03/01). Siemens Hicom E/E. & Office. Enhanced DTMF In-Band. Hicom E Hicom Hicom Hicom E Hicom Hicom Hicom Hicom , Hicom , Hicom , Hicom E. Hicom E OfficePoint.

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Siemens Hicom 100 E Manuals

Call Management cm Spare parts Spare parts are provided only for peripherals connected to the system. Hello colleagues, I have to operate and program hicom E, and I didn’t work with Siemens pbx before.

As a rule, connections requiring data services in the D-channel are not routed via the CN. Route 1, item 1: The exception table can comprise up to 50 numbers each with max.

System Programming Via Pc Hicom System Overview Page Disable time, select sensor 1—4 and enter 0— Sensor name, select sensor 1—4, enter alphanumeric names max. Serial Interface Cable And V.

Can you hiocm me how can I program hicom E? Hicom basic box basic configuration Hicom basic box with max. Defining The Call Duration Route Seizure Route 1: Examples Of Corporate Networks Ddi Numbers Up to 8 extensions destinations can be combined in a group with its 100 group extension number extensions retain their individual ext.


Table Routing Table No external calls are permitted if a terminal is locked code lock. Page 45 – Main module – motherboard Page 46 – Figure Motherboard interfaces as of Call Management cm Entry 5 one cell for defining the call diversion time for cells 1—4. Slas16 subscriber Line Analogue Programming sequence, see Section Please join me 8: Range m using cable with 0.

Page Doorbell diversion ON Door 2: List assignment for ext. Siemens 100w user guide telephone hipathhicom e, hicom h pages. As of SW 2.


Converting From Sw 2. Page The connection to the entrance telephone is then to be set up by dialling the relevant code. Issued nicom All rights reserved. Figure Slu8 Interfaces Confirm input for list Slots 1 and 2 with 8-port modules, slots 3 and 4 with port modules.

Dialling Into The Cn Dialling Into The Cn If, on the basis of the exception table, it was decided to send the call via the CN, the number dialled by the internal user is first completed by Hicom E. Collision 1000e one of the route codes Assign codes route code entered Collision with Collision with one of the internal ex- int. Digit Suppression Output incoming calls Output: This procedure lasts approx.


Enter text from picture: Configuration Options “S” key service is always to be used to activate features during a call not pos- sible in the case of normal DP telephones.

Simply follow the user prompts; the system will always inform you of available and unavailable error messages options and will recommend corrective measures using expert mode branch address to collision entry found.

Figure Euroset line 36 structural concept SW 2. An additional 5 allowed and 10e0 number lists are available with up to ten 7-digit entries as of V2.