Read The Forgotten Soldier book reviews & author details and more at Amazon. in. In “The Forgotten Soldier” Guy Sajer tries to unravel this mystifying state. When Guy Sajer joins the infantry full of ideals in the summer of , the German army is enjoying unparalleled success in Russia. However. The Forgotten Soldier: Fiction or Fact? Edwin L. Soldier has captured the imagination of soldiers in written by a “Guy Sajer,” nom de plume for the real.

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Jan 07, Joseph rated it it was amazing Recommended to Joseph sodier S soldiers treated him toward the end of the book. And far to many references to “I think the town was named ‘such-and-such'”–could have made more of an effort to uncover the German or current Russian names.

Nov 06, Jeff Dawson rated it it was amazing. As the war progresses, and following a brief respite of sorts during leave in Berlin where he witnesses a terrifying daytime Allied air raidSajer and his comrades are ‘volunteered’ into the elite Grosse Deutschland division as infantry.

Lastly, what of the prose? Sajer is a seventeen year old German soldier struggling to survive the onslaught from the Russian Army. This was the war at sea as it really was. The descriptions are vivid, the fear is palpable.

Paperbackpages. Glenn Gray February 7, Blenheim was a major turning point in European history. Sajer stressed the non-technical and anecdotal nature of his book in a letter to US Army historian Douglas Nash, stating “Apart from the emotions I brought out, I confess my numerous mistakes.

A unique hardhitting memoir of War on the Eastern front. Posted to the crack Grosse Deutschland division, with its sadistic instructors who shoot down those who fail to make the grade, he enters a violent and remorseless world where soldoer youthful hope is gradually ground down, forgptten all that matters is the brute will to survive. As the biting cold of the Russian winter sets in, and the tide begins to turn against the Germans, life becomes an endless round of pounding artillery attacks and vicious combat soldeir a relentless and merciless Red Army.


France defeated every alliance formed against her and Louis was poised to extend his frontier to the Rhine and install a French prince on the throne of Spain. Sajer did a fine job in describing, the situation and psychology of a foot soldier, respect and value of enemy, Morality of a losing infantry, Hate for partisans, Agony of dying comrades, Worries of families, Benevolence of seniors, Difficulty of weather, Hardship of immobility, Frustration of illness and much more.

The Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer

Far From True by Linwood Barclay. Set men against each other, and allow hhe to take its course. The Fall of Carthage Details. Hitler and Stalin and Roosevelt and Churchill had their agendas. I read a review of this book around and my Dad and I eagerly awaited its arrival at the library.

The Forgotten Soldier – Wikipedia

Thanks for telling us about the problem. So I have stayed as I am, without regret, separated from the normal human condition. The Dambusters Raid Details.

Published October 1st by Potomac Books first published Three members of the patrol were killed.

Sajer himself is of French and German parentage. There is no glory in war and the human cost is beyond comprehension. To see what your friends thought soldisr this forgotfen, please sign up.

A book of stunning force, this is an unforgettable reminder of the horrors of war. This is the battle that creates the enduring reputation of the British redcoat and shatters the image of the ‘Sun King’ and his mighty army. As the dread swelled, the man endured. He offers insights into the human condition which, unfortunately, may not have surfaced outside of wartime circumstances.

The laws of war condemned them to death automatically, without trial. They were people with ideals, capable of courage and victims of their own demons.


The Forgotten Soldier

Roger Ford Roger Ford, with a background in computing and information technology dating from the mids, is a relative late-comer to military history. The Road Solcier Stalingrad Details. The debate is available, just search the web, I’ve ready the book 2 or 3 times, either way it’s a good one. Sager does more than an excellent job in describing the brutality and hopelessness he and his Komrades endured in Russia.

Create An Account Why Join? We both thought it was a great read. However, does Through the eyes of Guy Sajer, I have rediscovered the putrid horror of war and the interminable depth of the human soul. This book has affected me greatly. Sajer holds nothing back. He’s an old man at the end. An amazing read, a truly horrifying account of World War 2 and how it was experienced by the soldiers.

The battle scenes do go on a little long, though, and it’s the kind of book that requires significant mental breathers. Popski’s Private Army Details. The book’s dedication is made on page And in his sojourn, we, too, feel war; our own personal decay with him at Memel and on the Dneiper, the beauty of delusion regarding a lost love, a visceral sense of isolation at home because the man who called it home was left mummified in the snow.

Nicholas Monsarrat’s war, in those dark years ofwas a ferocious, unforgiving, terrible war: If “All Quiet on the Western Front” left any mark upon you at all, this book will floor you.

I think this is incidental.