GOST , Hot-rolled steel for reinforcement of ferroconcrete structures. Specifications. Find the most up-to-date version of GOST at Engineering Nominal dimensions, Nominal weight(mass) per unitof length, kg/m, Tolerance, %, *Minimal number of bars in a bundle,pcs. Diameter, mm, Cross-sectional area .

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CuAl10Fe4Ni4 pipe, wire, rod Sheet, strip foil. This price list has exclusively information character and under no circumstances is not the public offer determined by provisions of the p. Marking Sectional and shaped rolling Sheets and stripes. Titanium sheet Titanium plate Titanium coil. Connect with the office Ukraine Russia Germany.

Zirconium pipe, bar, rod, wire Sheet, strip foil. Titanium grade 17 Rod barwire. Our production counts an opportunity terms and an order value, we expose you the specification account and we sign the contract where all standard points of production are registered. Tool steel High speed steel R18 circle wire wire R18 circle wire wire Strip, sheet.

Steels and alloys for castings The non-alloy casting steel Steel for castings with special properties Steel casting alloy Alloy for castings with special properties. The field is wrongly filled. Your message must contain at least 20 symbols. R6M5 the circle wire wire Strip, sheet. Monel pipe Wire, rod bar Sheet, strip foil Flange, valve, fitting. The profile number nominal diameter.


A1 fittings circle of 10 mm of GOST 5781-82

Web designer — Fresh. NiCr20Ti pipe Wire, rod bar Sheet, strip. Rare metals mill-products Vanadium strip, sheet, pid, ingot Vanadium strip, sheet, pid, ingot Vanadium wire, rod.

Strip foil Busbar band. CuAl9Fe4 pipe, wire, rod Sheet, strip foil.

The Business of MS company carries out delivery of the following types of metal rolling:. Hastelloy C22 Wire, rod bar Sheet platestrip foil. Metals and metal products Carbon steel, ordinary quality Carbon steel, ordinary quality Classification, nomenclature and general norms Tapes Test methods.

A1 fittings circle of 10 mm of GOST buy in Astana

The range of the offered production makes more than names. Copper-zinc alloy Copper-zinc solder Brass casting Brass pressure treated. Leaded tin bronzes C C C Ni42, Invar 42 Ni42 wire, rod, bar Sheet, strip. Steel, corrosion-resistant alloy Alloy for corrosion-resistant iron-based Steel corrosion resistant Steel corrosion resistant heat resistant Steel corrosion resistant 57881 resistant Steel corrosion resistant, heatresistant and heat-proof. You pay in the way, convenient for you, – you Receive the goods.


Stainless and alloy steel Powders of non-ferrous metals Powders of non-ferrous metals Vanadium gots Tungsten powder Cobalt powder Molybdenum powder Nickel powder Tantalum powder.

Carrying out ultrasonic control UZK 7. Magnesium pipe, wire Sheet, strip foil. Our consultant will save your time.

Titanium grade 2 pipe Wire, rod barhex bar Sheet platestrip. Titanium grade 38 Rod barwire.

Manganese bronze C C European bronze C Subscription Special offers and discounts. Will call in 30 seconds. The scheme of trade from existence: We make production, we deliver to your warehouse.

Lantanhides Holmium metal ingot Dysprosium metal ingot Europium metal ingot Ytterbium metal ingot Lanthanum metal ingot Lutetium metal Neodymium metal ingot Praseodymium metal ingot Samarium metal ingot Terbium metal ingot Thulium metal ingot Cerium metal ingot Erbium metal ingot. Your phone number in international format, please. Hafnium rod, wire, pipe, bar Hafnium sheet, strip foil. Beryllium Copper C Sheet, strip foil Flange, fitting, valve. The fittings are classified depending on various conditions.

Non-ferrous metals and their alloys. Lead Lead tape, foil Lead sheet. Rare earth and refractory metals Refractory metals and alloys.