Honey Bee FP2 ( and ) must not be confused with the newer Honey Bee 2 (often referred to as Honey Bee FP V2) and Honey . Discussion REQ: Esky Honey Bee King II Manual Micro Helis. am just getting ready to fly a fixed pitch heli (Honeybee FP) that’s my plan for.

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Hi, I am a noob and don’t know what the remote does.

I figure 2 years before anyone should go to something like the HB King from the total newb stage Flying a single rotor heli is not easy at all, and when you hang on and practice you c2 master it and have great fun! So far I have been following Radds school of flight but the more I increase the throttle the more the nose rotates clockwise.

ESky Honey Bee V2 G | BuzzFlyer UK

Maybe I can help and I will need more info around your problem. If you could help me with this information.

Before you power up the TX push and keep pushed the two small buttons on the left near the display. Can be lots of fun 2. Perhaps a reminder to me to do a bit more research before asking. Also more heavy means more load on the main motor.

Currently set as up, down, down bew. Hi Eric, Great site, just discovered while surfing for better info on understanding and binding my HK-6X transmitter to new 8R rx. You can find me on http: So it makes the helii more stable. Also have a Walkera CB which is a bundle of fun.


Proportional makes your bre rotor spinn harder or softer. Fly for up to 20 mins at a time!! Jan 09, Should I get another battery from E-Sky that is the exact same? I am new in the hobby and just bought a honney bee 2, sadly i had to change the 4 in 1 controller and i am having a lot of troubles with the settings, i was able to adjust the maanual and the proportional settings, but now the heli is going left, i have try everything, trim the control, change the servos, what can i do.

Stock blades track bad and need to be retracked during flight in my case.

ESky Honey Bee V2 2.4G

Fully Loctite and CNA all screws. Sadly my home and garden at the time were not suitable enough to practice. Time is at a premium just now but not to worry. The tail rotor should spin anti clock wise when honej look at it. Mocht ik iets vergeten zijn te beantwoorden of onduidelijk zijn geweest, laat het dan maar weten.

When you go for the first hovers you will see what the tail does. Eric, thanks for all of the pictures and comments.

Manuals & Downloads (41) | HAPPY FLYING

I always wrote down the original settings, that made it easier to return to the original situation and start all over again. The LED on mine flashes red twice and they stays solid red 2. Information Adding item s to basket Is this because of rotor wash? Are there better options? A newbie going straight to a HB King? Brendan thats just your opinion of coarse.


Hovering in rotor wash is good to train reflexes. Mode eskky or 2? When done then bind in the new channel the RX you always have to bind the RX when using a new channel. It can also be the when you leave the ground you will see that the proportional needs to be set again and the gyro needs some attention too.

The rewards will be big.

Drone Repair Service Quick Guides: EZ are great for indoor hover a little wind is to much for them. It took me 60days for a tail in hover!!!! Why one or the other? This motor are brushed and cheap and the low price is not paying for triple A quality control.

May 25, If not take of the tail motor plug from your 4in1 and plug it back on with the polarity swapped. Zie je wel op myrcguides. Reading about the full rudder right honet me think you can increase the proportional a little more.

This is just trial vee error until the Bee behaves like it should be. Hi Eric, I have one more question about the main blades and tail blades for Honey Bee v2, What are the size of the blades?

Flying and building helicopters creates a lot of stress and frustration. Also get some extra LiPo batteries.