Current Imperial Guard codex by Robin Cruddace is an example of really good work in my opinion. It allows player to customize layout of his. Adam spent the rest of the day continuing his work investigating the Codex and The Elysian Codex, along with the Key, had been found locked in a strange. I will not be covering using a small force of Elysian with other armies as Neither will I be covering elements too far from the guard codex, no.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Thanks for reading and commenting! But what you really want are the flyers.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Imperial Guard/Elysian Drop Troops(7E) – 1d4chan

Once you get your first turn it’s valkyrie time. They are designed for use with a 1. Untill I can come up with another option that does the same job for a reasonable low points cost the Wyvern will have to stay. Turn 2, bring on as much as the dice elysiah lets you.

Elysian Droptroops in 8th edition – theory and practice pt.1

Very powerful when you need to support flyers on the far end of the table. Elysian Drop Troops Ranged Weapons. JavaScript chart by amCharts 3. Imperium 2, or can they be taken from Codex: There is no longer a roll to determine wether reserves arrive or not, you simply choose which units you need and when you need them.


The two banner kits came with the flags, a selection of hands and some items to put on top of the poles. Once per battle, an Vulture Gunship equipped with tactical bombs can make a bombing run against a single enemy unit it moves over during one of its Movement phases. With Elysians you could take Valkyries as transport.

The one of the left codeex a Sentinel HK, the middle one is the one that came with the Venator, and the two on the right are ones I bought separately so I don’t know what model they elysiab from, but is probably the one I will go with as I can easily get mor…. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Once per battle, a Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter equipped with tactical bombs can make a bombing run against a single enemy unit it moves over during one of its Movement phases.

Sentinels are also cool except they cost 75 points with a multi melta and are only BS3 stormtroopers come out better but you should still elysiab one for combat dropping valks.

Still not to sure what to do about the hunter killer missiles as the ones that come with the model seem to require shaving the bolts off the sides where they attach, so will probably go with a different type of hunter killer missile and attach a magnet elgsian to the model.

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This site uses cookies. They also have the D Detachment, which recently got an update with the second edition of IA4.


Grab two or three russes and a vet squad to hold an objective behind the line or something. Plasma and melta squads along the right orders will take down even the toughest of foes, while Tauros buggies and Vultures provide you with the all important ability to clear off objective grabbers, chaff, and elusian hordes. Veteran drop troops can be used to amazing effect if you you use them correctly. Elysian Regimental Standards I decided I needed some Regimental standard bearers for my army, and there is no Elysian standard bearer model so I had to search elsewhere.

Elysian (ELY)

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Email required Address never made public. Views Read Edit View history. Obiously a few changes stand out more than others, and I will therefore leave the overall points decrease out of the equation elyian now. My initial thoughts when building my list was to pack as elysjan specialization as possible. This flexibility combined with the fact that units have a much clearer role on the battlefield makes the Elysians a very potent force.

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