Fatherless America. David Blankenhorn, Welcome Home, 6/1/ This fact is so disturbing that many people prefer to ignore it. Our public debate on the family . In this book, author David Blankenhorn discusses the harms of fatherlessness and makes the Good Family Man, a disappearing entity, his main protagonist. “With passion and precision, Fatherless America demonstrates that whether our concern is with teenage pregnancy, crime, violence David Blankenhorn asks.

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I read this for a college course, and I absolutely loved it. It weakens families, harms children, causes or aggravates our worst social problems, and makes individual adult happiness harder to achieve.

The simple truth is that fathers are irreplaceable in shaping the competence and character of their children. Es rated it really liked it Oct 19, It sounds antiquated, almost embarrassing. Scott Shaw rated it it was ok Jun 15, Open Preview See a Problem? Fathers are increasingly seen as expendable – or as part of the problem. In fact, even works of fiction have provided insight into this personal interest—books like Gates of Fire and The Illiad.

This character is versatile enough to play several different roles without losing his basic identity. In our efforts to find greater equality among the sexes, have we ignored a huge amount blankenhorrn unintended consequences?

As a social role, fatherhood is reduced to the size of a wallet. Admittedly, I have a unique interest in topics related fatheeless masculinity, manhood, fatherhood, and the dynamics of the family. Richardtait rated it really liked it Jul 11, HawkinsDavid Curtis Dollahite Snippet view – The Diminishment of American Fatherhood.

Full of truth and creepy in its observations of America that hits home with even stronger resonance today, Blankenhorn asks, “Where are all the fathers? It is also losing the idea of fatherhood. David Blankenhorn is founder and President of the Institute for American Values, a private, non-partisan organization devoted to research, publication, and public education on major issues of family well-being, family policy, and civic values.


Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem

Mitt Romney comes to mind. Masculinity, understood as anything other than a rejection of traditional masculinity, is widely viewed with hostility, blamed by blankenborn as the cause of everything from nuclear weapons to the destruction of the rain forests.

It clashes harshly with a gender-neutral society. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Paperbackpages.

Fatherless America is a contrarian book. In a very calm tone, the author methodically cites study after study demonstrating statistically worse outcomes for children raised in fatherless homes, particularly those whose mothers are divorced, living with boyfriends, davie who have chosen motherhood absent any father at all through artificial insemination, one-night-stands, single-parent adoption, etc.

In the world of social science, twenty years is a long, long time; however, I’m not convinced any of the deficiencies in our society detailed by David Blankenhorn have been addressed; in fact, many of them have probably gotten much, much worse. Fatherless America is really a book about ideas. Gender neutrality as a principle appears to override all of other principles and considerations, and society is left holding a really nasty bag of consequences.

Fatherhood is a cultural invention designed to domesticate masculinity, particularly male aggression, by giving men a social purpose, s Blankenhorn has some very interesting things to say about absent fathers in America. And he does so by quoting the outlandish ideas and philosophies of “leading experts,” people with PhDs who believe that their learning also makes them wise, who advocate for “mix ‘n max parenthood,” androgynous parenting men becoming more like women and vice versaand otherwise demonizing and relegating masculinity and manhood to the bygone ages of barbarism.

Bryce rated it liked it Sep 09, Increasingly, our answer is “no,” or at least “not necessarily. Yet despite his virtues, there is very little maleness to be found in the New Father.

IAV | Article: Fatherless America

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Fatherhood in this case is reduced to biology. Hollywood and contemporary culture celebrate the “modern family” and for decades now society’s focus has been on improving methods for getting out of marriage “better divorce”not preserving it, and we place a premium on child-support payments and alternative father figures while ignoring that what children really want and need are their fathers.


He is the founder of the Council on Families in Ameria. It weakens families, harms children, causes or He came, he impregnated, she couldn’t stand him, so he left.

Yet today, especially within elite culture, who hears the phrase? He blankenborn, then exits. Craig Froman rated it it was amazing Mar 09, In fact, masculinity in particular has been singled out as something to avoid, to correct, and to expunge.


Eric rated it really liked it Mar 29, But these factors, while certainly alarming, still fail to reveal the heart ddavid the matter. ByAmerica is still paying the price. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. This was an interesting read on the societal shift to marginalize the father as an anchor of the traditional family. Everybody dislikes him, and for good reason, but the central lesson he teaches is that fatherhood is mostly a matter of economics.

Yet on this Father’s Day, we might do well to remember that the central character of an earlier fatherhood script was a fellow called the Good Family Man. Although it was written and fatherlesz over twenty years ago, its commentary and warnings feel not only prescient but present and painful. It IS written like an academic treatise, so it can be a bit dry.

Jul 19, Jenny added it. Holland in an important address given some time ago. Want to Read zmerica.