I think George Bailey needed some angelologists on the scene. Join Danielle and her co-host Walter Kirn for the Writerly Podcast, a weekly discussion of all. Danielle Trussoni’s first novel, “Angelology,” should not be confused with any of these. Her rousing story turns on bad and fallen angels. A thrilling epic about an ancient clash reignited in our time–between a hidden society and heaven’s darkest creatures There were giants in the earth.

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Angelology Reader’s Guide

I read a lot of wonderful academic studies about angels and I read quite a lot of the Bible. They totally took his work and messed it up! Views Read Edit View history. A pleasure from start to finish. The fate of the world lies in her hands. Angelology started off slowly, as it opens with details of the uneventful, meditative life of a nun; however, once it hits the Angelology part, it just takes off and soars.

I wasn’t all that thrilled about the angel aspect or the secret-history-revealed part that seemed to appeal to others, but I gave it a try.

The story takes place over two days, with a side story of a past event taking up a good chunk of the book. Why do you think the Nephilim have chosen to let their forefathers remain imprisoned?

Please try again later. May 15, Yune rated it it was ok Shelves: LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. The Nephilim or fallen angels, who live in the midst of a somewhat Victorian-feeling society, apparently elude the notice of most mortals, despite their immense power and influence.


I just could not stop danieloe this book and raced without break to the thrilling yet unexpected ending.

The writing is very sloppy and many confrontations don’t make much sense at one point the villain has a gun trained on the heroes but neglects to use it for no discernible reason, even as one of them slowly assembles a mysterious object that might spell the villain’s defeat. I’m further excited to find out that there’s a planned sequel the ending certainly begs for it called Angelopolis.

La Trussoni non ha nulla di Brown e viceversa. I hope Trussoni finishes that one soon!

Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

Early on in the story you come to realize that Grigori is sick, it transpires that he has a degenerative condition that is affecting his race and is slowly killing him. I would definitely recommend this book. Following her only real clue, Evangeline painstakingly unravels the truth of her residence at St.

The ending springs a Star Wars-esque moral choice on the lead character pretty much out of nowhere and the book ends on a very sour note, clearly setting things up for a sequel that I would guess perhaps 10 percent of those who slog all the way through Angelology will actually bother to read.

It has already been tipped to be a best seller by the media. According to numerous doctrinal sources, it was then that Semjaza suggested the Watchers choose wives from among the children of men. Diari, resoconti, pagine di diari, sermoni universitari la fanno da padrone. Things get shaken up: I didn’t need all that gibberish words just to grasp what the author want to say. People I don’t like. Save yourself from this book and its likely incarnation as a movie imdb.


It makes no apologies for its devices, and none are necessary. Like the events were really happening or could happen. Nov 22, Felicia rated it liked it Shelves: If you were Evangeline, would you be able to forgive your parents and grandmother from hiding so much from you?

I am also able to discuss my truzsoni with Nikolai, which is unbelievably helpful. The ending of Angelology has quite a surprise twist.

I’d rather read a book series that has books that begin and conclude in a natural way. My first book was a memoir about my relationship with my father and was, of course, much more personal in nature. You know there are some exciting parts somewhere if only she’d stop blathering on about the absolute stupidest details, like the color of the typewriter she used to respond to some man’s letter or the size of th Gah I really agelology looking that forward to reading it.

Angelology by Danielle Trussoni | : Books

The third point of view is Grigori Percivil. They called out for their children to save them. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And their subject knowledge. Where do you see Evangeline headed from here?