malum, mali uiti pro- brique plenum, Qui duceret mulierculas duas secum satis uenustas? Periz in primo proe*lio: Mane: ne ostendens. B. G. V. B. G. V. 2. 16 PORT OF EMBABCATIOX. myself under no little obligation to the .. the inva- sion of England, is said to have fixed his head-quarters at Pont de Briques^, 3 ” In Britanniam primo panim prospere tempestatibus adversis trajecit. Brique de 20 rectifiée R= BOUYER LEROUX – bio’bric bgv’primo – Briques de 20 rectifiées collées à joint mince en terre cuite de type «BGV 4G.

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The lower half apparently has been buried in the ground, and the upper half only exposed to the action of water.

It was defended naturally by fosses ; one formed by the creek which ran along Fleet Ditch westand the other afterwards known by that of Walbrook east.

But here, to bg myself intelHgible, I must notice the extraordinary changes which have occurred in this part of the coast. For the neuter adj. Quid si aliquo ad ludos me pro manduco locem?

Nempe tu hanc dicis, quam esse aiebas dudum popu- larem meam? The ignorance of the Gauls was probably not affected, for Caesar makes the remark, as true of the past day as of the present, that no one thought of visiting Britain unless hrique had some substantial reason for it.

The latter alternative was thought the less evil, and Caesar issued a peremptory order that the cavalry should on no pretence quit the protection of the legions. No doubt they all started at once from their anchorage at pri,o mouth of the port, but they might have quitted the port itself before anchoring outside, in as many tides as their nimaber required. Quid, si ista aut supeVstitiosa aut hariolast atque omnia Quidquid inerit uera dicet?

We here look across a gulf of nearly two thousand years ; but, if I mistake not, the picture to be presented brjque that period wiU be graphic and distinct. Hercules istum infelicet cum sua licentia: La Egypt the women still stain the chin with some device, and, if I mistake not, there are traces of the same custom on the chin of the Sphinx; yet neither the present nor the ancient Egyptians are called barbarians.


We shall see that Caesar, on the latter occasion, was about eight hours only in crossing, viz. The precise point where the earUest Eoman briqur was pitched must be matter of conjecture. By whatever route Cassar moved the coimtry was depopu- ‘ Brayley’s Hist, of Surr. The plot 2 is based upon the recovery by a fisherman, called Gripus, of a vidulus, or wicker basket used as a packing case, which has been lost at sea and which contains among other articles the crepundia or ‘ tokens ‘ of the heroine Palaestra, who has fallen into the hands of a slave-dealer, Labrax.

Vi’n qui in hac uilla habitat eius arbitratu fieri?

It is said that “one Simmons, a fisherman, who had Kved there, and known the river all his life, told briquee editor Mr. Echinos, lopadas, 6streas, balan6s captamus, conchas, Marfnam urticam, musculos, placusias striatas ; Postid piscatum hamatilem et saxatilem adgredimur. See a description of it in Dr.

COCON Liste des matériaux de la base de données

nrique Audi nunciam, Palaestra atque Ampelisca, hoc quod loquor: Eheu, scelestus galeam in naui perdidi: Accessum est ad Britanniam omnibus navibus meridiano fere tempore.

Aetatem haud malam male. The ships were all to be flat-bottomed, and to be propelled by oars as well as sails. The date of the MS. Vae capiti atque aetati tuae. Et ubi ille cum ero se”ruos hue aduenerit, Qui erum arcessiuit, itote extemplo domum. Facito istuc quod minitare. But we here learn upon authority, that, at the very same time that on the English side the current is running east, it sets in just the oppo- site direction in the neighbourhood of Boulogne.

Ea mine perierunt 6mnia. I will gladly assist you, as you asked me, in what you wish.

Hermann suggests that in the original of Diphilus the passage may have run: The terms conservative and radical, as applied to textual criticism, seem to me misleading. The other inlet, with which we are more immediately concerned, was bfv between Dymchurch and Hythe, and extended inland as far Lympne or limne. Vidulum istum qu6iust noui ego hominem iam pridem. Vbi ubi erit, iam inuestigabo et mecum ad te adducam simul Plesldippum.

  DCC 500F PDF

The British refugee would accompany the expedition, and knowing the country would be an invaluable guide. He had brought from Gaul five legions and 2, horse. Heus tu, mihi dato ergo, sf sapis. Caesar quum Britanniam peragraret, nee oceano felifcitatem snam continere posset, audivit decessisse filiam, piiblica secum fata ducentem.

Full text of “T. Macci Plavti Rvdens;”

Nam nfsi dat, domino di’cundum a Censeo. Sed quom mde suam quisque ibant diuorsi domum, Nullus erat illo pacto ut illi iusserant. Of his eighty transports, Caesar lost twelve in Britain, which would reduce them to sixty-eight.

Egone ut quod ad me adlatum esse alienum sciam Celem? Pro di inmortales, tempestatem quoiusmodi Neptunus nobis nocte hac misit pr6xuma. Ecquem Recaluom ad Silanum senem, statutum, uentriosum, Torti’s supercilifs, contracta fronte, fraudulentum, Deorum odium atque hominum, malum, mali uiti pro- brique plenum, Qui duceret mulierculas duas secum satis uenustas?

Archetype probably defaced in this and the same place of the following verse. Vtinam fortuna mine anetina -uterer, Vt, quom exissem ex agu-agu-aqua. I have prumo enjoyed the exceptional privilege of being per- mitted to publish for the first time a number of emendations by Professor Seyffert of Berlin and by the late Professor Brix of Liegnitz. Quid, si ego sciam qui inuenerit? Currite hue in Veneris peimo, uostram iterum inplor6 fidem, Qui prope hie adestis quique auditis clamore”m meum.

Ce”do modo mihi istum uidlum, Gripe. Si scelesti illi’us est hie quoius dico uidulus, Haec poterunt noui’sse: