: Anna in the Tropics (TCG Edition) (): Nilo Cruz: Books. This page guide for “Anna In The Tropics” by Nilo Cruz includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 2 chapters, as well as several more. The Anna in the Tropics Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author by Nilo Cruz.

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His sexual orientation remains ambiguous, yet he seems possessive of Conchita whenever they are among other workers, especially Juan Julian. Marela complains that Teodoro would spit when he read, as though “sprinkles of rain were coming out of his mouth. Not really wanting to loan Santiago more money, Cheche gives in when Santiago agrees to give his brother another share of the factory.

Overcome by the passionate story Juan Julian has just read to them, Marela, Conchita, and Ofelia romanticize about the lector, curz to him as “the Persian Canary” because “it’s like hearing a bird rcuz when he reads. Ofelia supports the lector’s argument by saying that more advertising will help them sell more cigars. Conchita then remarks that Teodoro’s replacement didn’t last long, for reasons that are explained later in the play.

The language of the characters bj their backgrounds, but this can be chalked up to literary license, and even to a touch of magical realism.

Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz

These personal motivations take hy another dramatic turn when Palomo, wanting to seize control of his wife’s affair, suggests that Conchita tell her lover “to make love like a knife” because, teh says, “everything has to be killed.

Furthermore, Marela says that he took too long to finish reading Wuthering Heights. One of Conchita’s complaints about Palomo is that she cannot conduct a “civilized conversation” with him because he is unable to comprehend the lessons that may be learned from great works of literature.

Though Santiago has been secluded in the family home, he can see the positive effect the lector’s reading has had on the workers. Mostly male cast Includes adult, mature adult, late teen, young adult characters. In the industry of handmade cigars, there was tradition, from the late 19 th century up to the Great Depression, of hiring a learned person to read newspapers, poetry, and great works of fiction to the mostly illiterate Cuban and Puerto Rican workers as they performed their monotonous tasks in the hot and humid conditions necessary to keep the tobacco leaves moist and supple.


The battles between reality and fantasy and tradition and progress are played out as to mirror the struggles of the characters in Tolstoy’s novel, with spoken passages used to further illuminate the play’s events.

Paperback2nd Edition85 pages. Even though it is summer, hilo book transports the workers to Moscow in winter. Anna in the Tropics Play Writer:.

Nov 28, Daniel rated it really liked it Shelves: Consequently, Nilo was forced to perpetuate the lie and could not play outdoors with his friends as he had previously. He states and repeats his themes in obvious strokes, and there is much heavy foreshadowing in the play.

I felt neither heart nor soul, sadly. Ofelia extends an invitation for someone to read, and Palomo accepts. He decides to write Anna a letter.

They greeted Columbus and his men with the kindness and generosity that were honored Taino values. The opening scene of the play contrasts two approaches toward life, one violent and the other reasoned. The women then discuss thr and whether it is foolish to have them. Marela, believing that her spell has “ruined” the lector’s arrival, vows crkz return home to remove his trlpics from the glass of water.

Anna in the Tropics |

He has forgotten that he is carrying the book in his hand and does not hand it over until she promises not to read ahead. Perhaps the problem lies in the core choice by Cruz to have the heart-wrenching and tragic novel, Anna Kareninaplay against what seem to be ordinary problems of ordinary people.

However, in a reading there were many more questions asked than answered, and I wonder if a production would help smooth t Set in in a Cuban-American cigar factory, a new lector arrives to read Anna Karenina to the workers. Sep 27, Marybeth rated it really liked it.

More than a little overheated but beautifully evocative, this tale of a community teetering on the edge of irrevocable change finally tipped over by the arrival of an Anna Karenina reading ‘lector’ is full of drama, poetry and lust. He accuses Marela of taking shortcuts, and he shows Marela some of the faulty cigars she anan wrapped. Hhe does the stuffing at the cigar factory. Nilo Cruz transports readers and audiences with the power of his language, leading us to the depths of his characters’ passions.

Ofelia performs the honor of lighting the first cigar, and then a ritual is observed whereby the cigar is passed from one person to another through an intermediary so as to nana communication with the gods. These include a hostility to literature, a tendency to seek to dominate or destroy others through violence, be it rape or murder, and even the use of false arguments about a blind adoption tropice technology that would benefit the ordinary laborers even as it turns them from skilled laborers into low-paid and exploited ones.


Anna in the Tropics

Ofelia wishes to get rid of “this silence and this heat. He explains that he discovered books one summer while he and his family were forced to remain inside their house in order to maintain the appearance that they had gone away on a trip. Known to Ofelia and her daughters as the “Persian Canary” because “it’s like hearing a bird sing when he reads,” Juan Julian is a man who believes in the restorative power of nature.

I would think that being paid to read sounds like something that would almost be a dream job, and in this particular play the knowledge of the temporal context, the placing of the themes and plot of Anna Karenina to Central Florida, and the authors grasp of the play are all quite worthwhile and worthy of appreciation from those who are able to relate to all of these complicated layers.

Santiago threatens to pawn his wedding ring, but Ofelia, in a barbed reply loaded with double entendre that speaks volumes about the state of their marital relations, says that he might as well since “his finger got numb.

Palomo is about to take inventory, but Conchita says that she must first clean up the mess from the party before she can help him. Marela arrives for work wearing a coat, her pockets “full of December, Yhe and February. Theatre Works presented Anna in the Tropics as part of its season.

We work hard enough. He sees this as a sign of “apprehension, anxiety and even despair. When the women can see no sign of the lector among the many men wearing hats, Ofelia blames Marela’s spell for their misfortune.

Simple play of a period long gone.