Elements of Programming. Alexander Stepanov and Paul McJones. (Addison- Wesley Professional, June ). Decomposing programs into a system of. Bjarne Stroustrup, Designer of C++ “I am happy to see the content of Alex’s course, the Elements of Programming provides a different understanding of. Elements of Programming. Authors: Alexander Stepanov The book shows that algorithms implemented in a real programming language, such as C++, can.

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A second example is the euclidean algorithm, which he extends first to polynomials following Stevin, then to Gaussian integers, then to euclidean domains.

Elements of Programming Alexander A. Elementd providing a new set of examples that is more accessible than Stepanov would be doing the world a great service, i think. Mathematical Notation Appendix B.

If you want a dynamically-allocated array, use aleaxnder standard vector. This subset is defined in a special language appendix coauthored by Sean Parent and Bjarne Stroustrup.

I just picked this up after having finished ‘From Mathematics to Generic Programming’ which is a ride in the park elemetns to what you’re reading now. What is the origin of STL?

Unlike most programking the people here, I stpeanov trained in mathematics but am just learning how to program, so I was wondering if you had any desire to expand the online algorithms material. Favorite Stepanov quote below – apparently mixing mathematics and bad fish is quite potent: Members of my advanced development team at Adobe who took the course based on the same material all benefited greatly from the ekements invested.


Not released yet but I’ve been reading the drafts and it’s a nice intro to machine learning using modern ML frameworks, TensorFlow and Scikit-Learn.

Sorry for the repo’s name! Using abstract algorithms leads to efficient, reliable, secure, and economical software. It’s part of the standard libary. It makes sense the the best graphics would be in the book written by the guy who wrote a book on how to do visualizations mathematically.

It may appear as a highly technical text intended only for computer scientists, but it should be required reading for all practicing software engineers. Its alesander premise is that practical programming, like other areas of science and engineering,must be based on a solid mathematical foundation.

Nor is it a compilation of tips and tricks for incremental stspanov in your programming skills. Account Options Sign in. Programming languages are for humans to read. And then we wonder why software is notorious for being delivered late and full of bugs, while other engineers routinely deliver finished bridges, automobiles, electrical appliances, etc.

In other words, I realized that a parallel reduction algorithm is associated with a semigroup structure type.

If so look no further. The alexandfr interview allexander be found at: I’ve been recently trying to make my way though Elements of Programming https: Not done with the book but despite it’s age, hands down best intro to category theory if you care about it only for CS purposes as it tries to show how to apply the concepts. If you’re careful to always use RAII by default, you can get the basic exception safety guarantee automatically without thinking about it.


Elements of Programming

Thanks for stopping by! To benefit fully, you will need to work through it from beginning to end, reading the code, proving the lemmas, and doing the exercises. Not too bad for a 4, year old multiplication algorithm. I think that this might actually be one of the most important books to read as a software developer. Has anyone here tried to explore the contents of this book in either Swift or Rust?

Elements of Programming

In he received the Dr. This book almost never gets mentioned but it’s a superb intro to machine learning if you dig types, scalable programmlng or JVM.

I don’t reject destructive updates that are compatible with persistence e.