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This made them actually short the 5V to the 0V for a very short time.

(PDF) 74LS01 Datasheet download

What may be an acceptable substitute in one case, may be a flop in another. However, it was very power hungry. You 47ls01 never leave an input open, because the circuit can start darasheet oscillate, which costs a lot of energy and can disturb the working of the rest of the circuit. Get as many data books as you can and study them until you familiarize yourself with all these differences. It means Emittor Coupled Logic and it is extensively used in high speed digital data handling systems.

74LS01 Datasheet Texas Instruments pdf data sheet FREE from

Power dissipation, if you have a lot of them. But they designed a special version of the 74HCT04 for this: By the way, we have built such a Unix computer around and used a couple of them for many years since then, both for database, accounting and embedded software writing. This will give a clear indication of how reliable it is. Back in the 70’s, you had and 74S It might however increase the power usage during the moment of switching when the two gates should have significantly different switching times, but that is of course very unlikely.

Also the 74ls04 that was often used in an oscillator circuit couldn’t be replaced by the 74HCT04, but they produce a special datasheef, the 74HCU04 that can be used in this special way.


They were already obsolete in the late 70’s when I started tinkering with this stuff. With the arrival of the there was absolutely no incentive to build dqtasheet own computers anymore.

74LS01 Quad 2-in NAND Gate Low power Schottky IC

Example Since a lot of people seem to have trouble choosing, here a more practical example. Input currentin both high and low states. Uses lots of current to achieve high speed.

What the optimal solution is depends on all kinds of factors: This would have to involve a simple MMU Memory Management Unit which dynamically translates the upper 4 address lines of the 16 logical address to say 8 address lines to form a 20 bit physical address.

In earlier days, chips needed all kinds of weird voltages. Type numbers are 74HCT Chipdir Mailing List Subject: Therefore these parts would use a lot of energy and become very hot.

I am a student at portsmouth university and I am having trouble understanding this topic. Only one of those is normally conducting electrical current at a certain moment dtaasheet the output pin either to the 0V or the 5V. Can you tell me the meaning of the term z-state High impedance for a digital circuit and how do all the logic families implement this? Probably not that fast any more. If the signal takes too long the circuit may start to behave badly at first at higher temperatures etc.

I encountered stuff like this inside a 70’s era Control Data disk drive. If you use a 3. What is the difference between the 54 and 74 family? This may not only cause highly increased power usage but also other undesired effects.

The termination resistors in the interface cable used more power than an entire modern HDD. Buy the way early chips were made in a technique whereby both of the transistors would conduct current for a datasneet time during transitions.

Just some components in the timing’s most critical path will need to be done in faster technology. Probably for portable applications. Two Queries At You can’t use the 74HCT04 as an oscillator with a crystalas was often done. But all this is in most cases not very important.


74LS01 datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

When you want to make something that can also be used in cold or hot climates for example. But civilians may also buy it It gives a guite good overview of these logic-IC families, with properties, differences, etc In serious PCB-designs you need to calculate how long it takes for signals to go from serious chip A to serious chip B through all the intermediate TTL-chips.

Uses Schottky barrier diodes from memory between the base and collector to prevent the transistors saturating, hence improving speed when they turn off. So as long as you tie the inputs to a signal with well defined value at each point of time, like a neighboring data pin, either in- or output or 0V or 5V this problem will be prevented.

But when you come down to using them in your circuits, you also need to think about things like: Linux changed this of course. It will double the load on the input signal, but will also double the drive of the output signal.

This means it is guaranteed over a larger temperature range and is more expensive.

Can anyone point me to a reference that tells me the difference between all the 74xx series logic families? The backplane was connected with wire-wrap.

Faster datashet will see noise glitches on their inputs that slower gates miss. I have written a page about it: You needed to use terminating resistors on every signal, though.

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