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I cant play 6. A perfect blend of strength and speed, the years spent alone in the forests of Ashenvale allowed her to blend into the terrain, appearing phantomlike at times and striking when you least expect it. Anonymous June 8, at 9: Also, if you found a new Dota AI map and not yet listed here, please kindly drop a comment here to notify me.

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Anonymous September 4, at 9: You can find every oldest and latest DotA AI here. Find The AI Dota map you downloaded Plz bring it out fast!

Anonymous April 23, at 7: Anonymous August 13, at 8: Anonymous December 7, at Oakley Sunglasses Latesst 7, at Open the Warcraft 3 6. Man there is no Dota v6.

I cant play 6. I click on it and it brings me from the beginning.

It's not that easy, and you need to know lots of JASS and others. Top Posts DotA 6. Anonymous January 27, at 4: Then paste it there If you're whining about "plz 6.

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I want to see in 6. Hero Phantom Assassin - Mortres.

Alief May 8, at If you are using older version of Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne, please upgrade to latest patch. Anonymous October 17, at Anonymous January 5, at 7: Hello, I always wanted to play dota, by destroying not the frozen throne, but also the fountain.

I lose in Dota coz I forgot to buy ironwood branch in dat game.

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Anonymous October 30, at 6: Anonymous December 31, at Anonymous May 18, at 7: Ak July 21, at 8: After all, this Pit Lord is happiest when he conjures fire to scour his opponents from above, roasting them slowly as the dead literally explode from beneath their feet.

Anonymous January 29, at Anonymous November 5, at 9: Anonymous January 7, at 3: Anonymous April 4, at 4: Anonymous November 1, at 8: I can't belive i read your freaking whining crap i dont understand why you faggots comment like retards and type like 'em if you just play online im sure you'd have much more experience in the game.

Benjamin April 27, at

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