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It has really helped me to understand certain things. You can decide whether you want to use them. I also looked in the dashboard, but did not find it, unless I am looking in the wrong place. Have a featured image on the posts.

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You may need to have someone look at it and give you some suggestions.

Lifestyle Pro Genesis Child Theme Tutorial

When you say transparent header, just trying to clarify. Content left, primary sidebar right. Logins entered here could be compromised. Thank you for getting back to me though! My compliments to you. I have tried everywhere to find out why thumbnails not showing on blog page.

What you need to make sure is that.

I have a question about the home page. I am truly excited about getting this set up and wanted to say a BIG Thank You for all the wonderful detailed blog posts and tutorials you have on your site. Here is are lifetyle recommended settings.

Is there any method to add an ad directly after the last sentence of lifestylee content in a post? Thanks so much for your advice and help Bob. Genesis Simple Edits — An easy way to edit your blog post info and meta, such as author name, post categories, etc. How do you get those? You may lose some of your built-up SEO by doing thisbut if done right, you can still get people on your site if they click on a link to the old URL.

Thanks Terry, appreciate that. A lot of Genesis themes have a homepage that is controlled completely by studopress. If not, something weird is going on. I have bought the theme. The demo does not show you the three footer widget areas included in this theme. I also looked in the dashboard, but did not find it, unless I am looking in the wrong place. Most of the widgets used to pull in featured posts, featured pages, etc require that you set a featured image in your post or page.

Lifestyle Pro Genesis child theme tutorial

I explain about this more in the video. Can you please help me? On my home page, the images will not show unless I click on the post title or read more link. This is the text you will find at the top of each page and post, telling you where you came from… basically leaving a trail. Also, keep in mind, if you do not put a widget area in most of these, that area just does not show.

How do I get the images to show on the home page when one pulls up the blog site?

If you stay on WordPress. Here are some of them that I currently have tutorials on and are specially made for Genesis.

The only thing I could guess at is that maybe a plugin is conflicting with it. Themee some plugins there is studiopresz setting where you can turn off the styles of the actual plugin with a simple click.

Since every site need is different, you will ad the widgets you feel are good for your site and for your readers. No doubt it was incredibly time consuming for you to screenshot and video all this information.

Then get to the downhill stuff like adding widgets. I went through both videos a couple of times first to understand what I could and could not do with the theme.

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