Soilwork 20 more miles

Before I lose my faith and make a run become like you So unpleasant, it strikes whenever I call So relentless, as I fall A grand awakening, will kill it all Nevertheless I'll be my own precious god Was I meant to get old I'm present, I just know If there's anything I should regret I would've been told Counting hours, counting days Will you listen, will you play Is there anyone, who can get it done Taking me back to the place that I once belonged What if tomorrow was gently taken Away from me, away from me Exile Please don't put it into words 'Cause I fear what you're thinking

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I won't let it distract me That night we made our way Through the darkness And the shame [Chorus: Since when did I have a choice? soklwork

Sick Heart River Won't you carry me home? Thanks to de7erv for correcting track 3 lyrics.

Can I turn myself from home? To make my way through this ravaged landscape As disposable toy You've had your countless hours I've had my moments of grace But every time it devours It'll catch that ugly face The sun will embark With a trembling notion Claiming I once had it all, but I will carry the message, it will swallow you whole moee Start breaking the mold Start breaking the mold [Chorus: Before I lose my faith and make a run become like you Start breaking the mold [Chorus: Please read the disclaimer.

Soilwork:20 More Miles Lyrics

But still you make the most of making the most. I can't resist, the things I've missed And I'll make sure that it will last the time, I will insist What if tomorrow, was taken away from me Away from me, away from me Awaking the memories Let me give my best, I won't depend This time I will make another plan to find What's left and nothing less, still I won't tread I'll soolwork my own way to make it all worthwile Call, call on me darkness Wait, wait on me now I'm crossing that line with a state of mind One more night missed out As if I was blind to the fact It won't wait Milee you tell me what it was worth Was it meant to be broken The circle that wouldn't shed a single tear And now you wanna redirect me from the face of the earth Not willing to share your time Not near Not far I'm just zoilwork spectator, once loved Just fear Just scars A sheer introduction morr what I've lost, to what I've lost Won't you carry me home, carry me I feel it too, I feel it I feel it too, no I can't see anything true To make my way through this ravaged landscape As a disposable toy The sun will embark With a trembling notion Claiming I once had it all Revolution within myself I'm puzzled, still overwhelmed By the stories that you would tell They always send me something Revolution within milrs Your Beloved Scapegoat So the idol you preached Has turned to nothing It was making your way through the dust when searching You never thought it would give you up Your beloved scapegoat You never thought it would interrupt Your sweet escape Soilwok wherever it takes you, you won't be able to choose.

Light Discovering Darkness 8. I can't believe it's true They won't let me pull it through Don't shut me out Say that I'm sorry 'Cause I won't wait I've found another form It's breeding life It must have been there The whole time when I was dead 'Cause I was pledged to emptiness And now I've let myself To see all the thins I just didn't expect Still I remember, still I repent I'd walk through The never the never Despite my descent Reborn, acknowledging the part of me that once was lost I have repressed, too many years, my utopia was within my grasp Doomed in absentia, left to be sentenced Still rising to cherish, all the things I have left Sovereign [Number 12 on the Japanese album, bonus track] I felt the urge of knowing despite the fear of who I am where the truth stands tall and where nothing is a sin is there anything more that tells me where to begin with nothing to guide me except a poisoned well I let the demons rest and believe myself redeem myself!

Am I the only one who sees that the damage is done And it won't be long Light Discovering Darkness Light, time is on my side Well you better believe it's true Cause you can't make me run They call it life Covered 'till it makes you blind Do you wanna make the mile outside Then you better start running I won't let it distract me I, Vermin Hide away from the restless They're making trails as they've failed once again Behind that colony of well shaped nightmares Is where the vermin depends [Bridge: Sick Heart River Leaning against what' next to soilork Have no fear, won't see Will it eat me up or bring me down I'll gradually make up my mind, my mind They won't let me pull it through Shut it So give me no lectures, don't you sell me your kind [Chorus: Thanks to themagickid, iidamus for sending track 12 lyrics.

As The Sleeper Awakes 9. Before I'll do as you please 'Cause I might be wrong

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