Luniz i got 5 on it reprise

I think I'm gonna hit it til my ass choke. Only the Town nigga. Man I spend with you all the time Sorry no I. What the fuck wrong with you?! Yukmouth Fa sho, because a nigga need a Tall Ken.

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Sorry Knumskull Man I spend wit you all the time. Nigga, where my keys at? Yukmouth Man fuck them tricks, nigga reptise get smoke! Knumskull Well that's that Fuck it I think I got three bucks in my backpack Enough to ,uniz a phat sack. What the fuck wrong wit you?! Yukmouth Remember I gave 'em to you to go get that weed sack. Well sue me then Y: Knumskull Damn I had a flash back This nigga frontin me some yay But you know that he ain't gonna get his cash back.

Knumskull You got some zags?

This is possibly because you are running an ad blocker or another browser extension that is preventing ads from showing, or are using browser privacy settings that do not allow ads to show. Lit to the fullest extreme There was getting no higher That shit pn my chest on fire Dru Down was swigging to the face straight But I ain't fuckin with that I think I'll stick to the crazy 8's Bring me a bottle and I'm cool with that I'mma a lounge with that Nigga repriise me a phat sack I don't know how to roll But I know how to smoke!

Man, I ain't trippin. Yukmouth They didn't let you get the drank?

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I got 5 on it I got 5, what you got nigga? Eh you know what?

Yukmouth It's bad enough he got not tags on the Cutlass Knumskull Eh you know what? Yukmouth Damn I think I got two bucks in my sock nigga.

I Got 5 on It (Reprise)

Yukmouth Put your seatbelt on 'cause there's hella cops parked up the block. Every subscription supports the running of our service.

Pass the doobie to the left biddy-bum-bum-boo! Yukmouth You major skanless potna. Damn, open the door, Blood Y: You gotta check out. Aww man, shit I ain't got nothing!

Repries hella high, damn that's that indo Only Oakland got that Doja like that Only the town, nigga Eh man quit hogging up the joint, man you babysitting it What you talking about? What the fuck wrong with you?! Yukmouth Nigga what if the cash jack? Here are the instructions on how to disable your ad blocker: Nope, look at them hoes!

Luniz - I Got 5 On It (reprise) Lyrics

What does this song mean to you? I think I'm gonna hit it til my ass choke. Yukmouth Oh, be like that on a roach?

Get out my store! See I'm ridin high, ridin high echos Whoooo! Yukmouth Why you bring that skanless ass sack?

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