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Some people have posted the trick here of creating an ad-hoc network to "trick" the phone into working with this software. I have a Nokia N73 and have Win 7 32 bit and using bluesoleil. Then, in the same windows: Vie niekto kde sa da stiahnut?

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Hiisi Proxy - Free Bluetooth Internet Symbian App - Download for free on PHONEKY

Kristof 0 0 Reply Quote OK, thanks for this information! Vo windovse to nejde, treba nejaky MS stack. And one more question - why internet via Bt is so slow? But all data will go through the proxy, not gprs.

With "native stack" I refer to the Microsoft Stack that is built into Windows. Some example code can be found at http: What PyS60 are you running on which phone? Great hiusi of software.

However, as there are so many different models out there, I can't tell you the different caveats of each model. My S60 phone is dead and I switched over to webOS! Prpxy i connect to server, client crush I'm not really familiar into it sorry.

Honestly, I just accidentally came up with your site for desperately wanting Hiisi and Gnubox to run. The Samsung is capable of running Nokia's PyS60 you have to crack open the firmware first and my Router is also able to run Python. Thanks and Regards Dev 0 0 Reply Quote So, what to do?

Eh kung wala, hindi ko mapapagana ito db?! Im using pdoxy apn name in the right field but it still using hisi gprs connection and lose all my credits.

Hiisi Proxy - Free Bluetooth Internet

I'm Hiisi, the developer of Hiisi Suite. However, without such a phone my motivation for this proxy is gone, as the Palm Pre features WiFi. I used the name of my desktop-workghroup MsHome I think: Just wanted to thank you for you appliacation, i have managed to get this program to work with python 1. And so did I remember this miniBTproxy of yours and give it another try, and to hiizi you, it works now and I can say it's better than Hiisi!

I was using Prlxy vista.

It's an obsolete application. Tested pa rin po hanggang ngayon.

If you update the script to reflect this change, it works it works for me, using python 2 on N with Vista. For those with the no data packet connection problems, i got around this by coping my packet data accesspoint and adding the proxy information. Why is this issue going on?

Lepsie pracuje HiisiSuite ibaze k tomu treba nainstalovat Javu je to batoh M. I'll check back on windows support soon!

DAhil wala na si FZ..Use This ;)

And there is no way of restarting the client script than reseting the phone, and opening python again. And today I tried your app. Any outlook on the new version? Could you please give me any advise what should i do? Seems that hiisl PyS60 v2.

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