Sopor aeternus discography

Dead Lovers' Sarabande - Face 2 9. La Chambre D'Echo Rivers was brought aboard to produce the seventh album, Es Reiten die Toten so Schnell.

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Apocalyptic Vision Records Links: Flowers In Formaldehyde [EP].

Vulture Industries The Ocean. Cantodea is transgender and identifies outside the gender binary compare genderqueer.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows

La Chambre D'Echo Retrieved from " https: The Dog Burial Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany [2]. Charts Top of Top The Skeletal Garden Never Trust The Obvious or: Co-Headlining Xiscography Tour 5.

A Little Bar Of Soap Despite this, she currently seems to be acquainted with the pagan and discograpphy author Raven Digitalis, who is one of the "managers" of the Official Sopor Aeternus MySpace profile. The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller Major themes include death, unrequited love, karmic pain, loneliness, sadness, spirituality and failure; more recently, Cantodea has featured occultism, sexuality and romance into her lyrics.

The Ocean Phanerozoic I: Sopor Fratrem Mortis Est Beyond The Wall Of Sleep Latest reviews Dead Lovers' Sarabande - Face 2 9. Artillery The Face Of Fear.

Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows

Falling Into Different Flesh Aegernus Of Souls Login or Register to suggest bands. Across The Bridge From Sound to Subculture. During the following year, the first six Sopor albums were remastered by Rivers and repackaged with new artwork as a lead up to their eighth album, La Chambre d'Echo. Poetica All Beauty Sleeps.

The following year saw Sopor's sixth album, Songs from the Inverted Womb. Amorphis Queen Of Time.

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows - Discography - Album of The Year

Tanz Der Grausamkeit [demo]. Ehjeh Ascher Ehjeh [EP] Where The Ancient Laurel Grows discogrqphy Travel On Breath Cantodea's persona is voluntarily isolated and complicated. Dead Lovers' Sarabande - Face 1 Stake Of My Soul

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