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Portrait Retouching Intended for use with portraits, the Blemish Remover tool is ideally suited to removing spots, freckles, and loose hairs, as well as other blemishes or wrinkles. Non-Destructive Cropping Offering the ability to "uncrop" an image at any time, this feature is ideal if wanting to re-crop an image or if you want to revert to the original image format after working in a cropped format. For many common operations, though, the interface does seem faster than previous versions, and for long operations, a progress bar gives you an idea of how much time you have to wait. RAW Image Control Import RAW dialog helps to expedite the processing and handling of RAW image files and supports lighting and noise reduction adjustments; image curve adjustment; manipulation of HSL hue, saturation, and lightness values; lens distortion and vignetting control; black and white film modes; and unsharp masking adjustments for more selective editing capabilities.

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New with this version is a Destructive check box that's unchecked by default. Serving as a fully-featured and intuitive photo editing solution, the download version of Serif's PhotoPlus X6 handles all aspects of a post-production workflow.

Most photo organization software overlays quick choices for things like ratings when you hover the mouse over a thumbnail, but not PhotoPlus. High Dynamic Range For attaining greater highlight and shadow detail in contrast-rich scenes, an intuitive High Dynamic Range HDR merging function helps to seamlessly blend multiple, sequentially-recorded exposures into a single frame.

Before that he worked on PC Magazine's S Level and curve adjustment.

Image Restoration A dedicated Scratch Remover tool helps to quickly erase scratches, creases, marks, and other defects from photographs to help restore them to their original quality. Tilt-Shift and Miniature Scenes Photlplus unique Depth of Field filter can be used to simulate tilt-shift effects for selective control over the focus of an image. But this is all stuff I'd rather do after importing, in the program itself. Adjustment brushes, though, are completely missing. The same goes for geometry corrections: Versatile Selection and Removal Tools Smart Selection and Edge Refinement tools facilitate precise selection capabilities for quickly highlighting and cutting-out subjects within an image.

Tons of powerful photo editing tools and effects. Be the first to review this item. Different layouts are available for the interface, with those optimized for Designers, Painters, or Photo Editing, in addition to the default layout. There are buttons that take you between the two phitoplus, but this often didn't actually switch to the other.

This support for added processing power also benefits batch image processing. Serof not as slick or intuitive as competition. PhotoPlus lets you adjust it, but you're just guessing. See any errors on this page?

A Clone tool can also be used to sample portions of an image for easy dust-spotting and object removal.

Serif PhotoPlus X6 World #1 Digital Camera Photo Editing Software Shop (pc)

A native New Yorker, he has at various times headed up PC Magazine's coverage of Web development, enterprise software, and display technologies. You can tell the importer to create a new folder, but by default, it just dumped image files into the root Pictures folder, not ideal for organization. This last is something I had an issue with when reviewing the last version: Additionally, red-eye reduction, spot-repair, and cropping tools are also available.

Among other editing tools, a range of corrective functions can be utilized xerif retouch and restore photographs, such as a Clone tool, Blemish Removal tool, and a Scratch Remover tool.

Helpfully, the app will display a message telling you to save the image in the program's own. This time with PhotoPlus X6, the software gets a boost sreif a new bit image processing engine, Smart Selection and Edge Refinement tools, noise reduction, and a tilt-shift effect.

Serif PhotoPlus X6 World #1 Digital Camera Photo Editing Software Shop (pc) | eBay

For creative enhancement in a more photographic sense, different color settings can be directly applied to images as well as film grain, tilt-shift, and other lens-inspired effects. Forget the kind of lens-profile-based fixes you get in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. NRW files from a recent Nikon camera showed up as modern art they weren'tand didn't display in the PhotoPlus editor either.

Vector Masks for Drawn Mask Control For creating editable, smoothly curved masks for editing, hand-drawn vector masks can be employed on standard and adjustment layers.

Pros Tons of powerful photo editing tools and effects. The Organizer lacks other tools helpful in organization found in other photo software—flag and reject, and color coding, for c6.

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