Purson the circle and the blue door

The opening track Wake Up Sleepy Head starts off with a dreamy intro which is then followed by the more familiar tones of electric guitar and organ on The Contract. Rocking Horse sounds pretty much the same as the version featured on their debut EP, which makes me wonder if the actually re-recorded the track? This is catchy and mellow.

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Purson “The Circle and the Blue Door” | Metal Blade Records

Purson deserve better than to fall through the cracks, but if you only have rhe much time A short mellow tune to get us started.

Take my rating with a grain of salt as this album appears to be very popular every where I looked.

Mavericks and Mystics 3: That familiar melody arrives with vocals around a minute. The mellotron comes and goes. No Joy Wait to Pleasure.

Sapphire Ward is the album's heaviest moment that is dominated by some heavy electric guitar riffing action.

Kind of a cool ending the way they slow it down.

No release results - showing artist results instead. Well Spoiled Machine 5: Again it's so catchy especially on the chorus. Other sites in the MAC network: It's still a solid composition nonetheless. Rocking Horse sounds pretty much the same as the version featured on their debut EP, which makes me wonder if the actually re-recorded the track?

Some people out there think it possible, at least, that Purson are going to be big. The slightly expanded version of Spiderwood Farm is neither better nor worse than its predecessor off the debut EP while the playful tones of Sailor's Wife's Lament remind me of the Slapp Happy album Casablanca Moon. If you're into beautiful organ-driven rock music then this band is definitely gonna be up your alley! If nothing else, their habit of flogging deliberately limited, wildly overpriced vinyl to eBay flippers and collector dopes will have turned Rise Above a tidy profit.

With those drum anf, fuzzy guitar, and production touches, you might even believe that Purson were right there in opening for Jethro Tull or Black Widow. This is catchy and mellow. Rise Above Uprson Release Date: The first single, Leaning On A Bearis another uptempo rock track featuring a hefty dose of organ while Tempest And The Tide is where the album introduces familiar tunes of Mellotron. No, this is clearly music she believes in passionately, and by the time you're done listening you'll be a believer too.

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Forum user Forum password. I really like the instrumental section after 4 minutes especially the guitar. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Most of this record exists at a tuneful, giddy midpoint between florid psychedelia and prototypical hard rock, and if Finders Keepers Pursom scattered parts of it across a compilation or three and dated it to in the sleevenotes, I suspect more people would be fooled than not. Wake Up Sleepy Head 2: Such glue catchy and powerful song.

We've seen this before, of course - Blood Ceremony base tne entire schtick on it - but this debut album delivers this style in masterful fashion. Again it's catchy and we get some brief mellotron to end it.

Mellotron flutes before 2 minutes crcle a minute later. I don't know how else to define it. Drums build as the guitar joins in. Suddenly, this journey to the centre of the fancy-dress chest seems a little less palatable.

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