The audio does not come from the phone horn but from e. A fast search possibility based on names, companies or job titles is available. The touchscreen is not recognized by Windows as a native multi touchscreen.

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If a required option might not be available by default, we can always make new modifications to meet your wishes. You can choose mouse, single touch or multi touch.

Selector Find your product or service fast and easy with this Selector solution from Omnivision Studios. In Omnitapps Composer you can configure this button.

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Users can request their digital brochures in different ways or even direct take away a printed copy. We make content interactive for shows, events and fairs.

Where can I control omnitappe volume of the speaker and the microphone? You will see the import wizard. Remember, that when Omnitapps is in portrait mode, it is recommended to choose the video wall or table mode in the Configurator — General — screen orientation.

This can be checked in e.

If you have never used this program before, you have to open the Acrobat Reader and accept their license agreement first.

When Omnitapps does not respond to your touch inputs: This can have several causes.

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Omnitapps Professional until January 1 and Launcher will still be available. You can initiate this process also from the configurator. How do I check if my computer has a native multitouch device connected? You cannot use these omnitzpps in combination with Composer. You need to use a video with a H codec. Applications or solutions onnitapps be custom-made. Your local files need to be uploaded to the server for the request to work.

If you experience problems with one of our software solutions, please find the answer to your questions below. Make sure Player is pointing to the exported version of the configuration.

You cannot exchange configurations between them. You can view all non-exported configurations in the Omnitapps Player, but they will always have this message.

If you have no audio card in your computer, you can always use a USB sound device. It is filled with default content. OmniRequest it takes some time to convert all PDF files. What are the minimum system requirements?

Omnitapps cannot work if every setting would be left blank. What specifications do they have? Present your collection with an intuitive retail presentation. Most likely is some files are damaged due to a power fail.

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These old software versions from omnitapps are not supported anymore. There are several possibilities when this message appears. Can I transfer my configuration to other Selector computers?

As minimum system requirements we recommend:

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