Mcpatcher 1.2.4

A random multiplier between 0. Spoiler Some people get the following error: Edit the file in notepad and copy the following into it: Take everything out of the folder and zip it back up.

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[1.2.3 / 1.2.4][update 3/25] MCPatcher HD fix 2.3.5

You can upgrade the soldiers with a wide array of helpful tools and we Once you're in game you can hit the Esc key. Please copy and modify it to suit your needs. If you tried installing both ways and it didn't work, then you're out of luck.

It is useful for testing that the patcher worked, but if you want multiplayer or achievements, use the normal game launcher. The first few lines of the patcher log tell you what version of Java you are running. Improved handling of zips with missing directory entries e.

You will now need to download OptiFine click the link to get the download. Spoiler Some people get the following error: Third attempt I tried on a fresh minecraft. No HD mcpattcher or extended configurations included.

Based on MrMessiah's mod. Step 14 Moment of Truth! If it's useful I use Kubuntu This is the forum for the McPatcher http: The following example animates the first painting in kz.

It affects some people but not others.

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I have no meta-inf folder, no other mods, I restarted my computer in between and I tried twice with different settings.

Notes and Recent Changes: If you are unsure of which version s you should get, you have two options. It is a false positive that can be ignored.

If you are running bit, try increasing it to or Base the tile size of the max of several common textures, not just terrain. The default Minecraft values for each property are given below for convenience. Fix non-AO Better Grass with 1. Older versions xau's thread is available herebut the old patcher 1. In order to download and install the other versions successfully, you would just follow the same steps we just did for the first OptiFine folder.

In my experience, putting other mods before HD Textures, etc. Ensure that Minecraft 1. I patched my minecraft stuff happened on the log and it finished.

Lauch Minecraft with less memory yes, really. Delete the bin folder in. The subfolder window appears again.

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Optifine mcpatche boost your fps even double itand will help make your Minecraft smoother and cleaner than ever! Follow us on Twitter MinecraftHowTo! MCPatcher uses the largest and scales everything up to that size. Step 9 Downloading Optifine You will now need to download OptiFine click the link to get the download.

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