Copacabana deep by paulo arruda

I mean she is going on a date with Zak afterall. Audrey has found her self with a sort of terminal illness You can do any donate on our website: Markos - Rare Form Original Mix 1:

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Some time lapses Audrey and Zak are sitting down and eating Ice cream out of Ivory bowls. How have you been???!!!

Markos - Rare Form Original Mix 1: Oh my god I have to hurry I got a half hour to get over there!!!! Audrey Well Zak hello!!!!!!

Copacabana Deep by Paulo Arruda | Deep & Soulful House Music

Audrey as she puts on a black tube dress and flip flops Audrey Ok holy shit ok good the dress looks good the flip flops excellent and black toe nail polish. Audrey in her head My god were is this young mans shirt??!!!

I hope he like what I am wearing I Huxley - Shapes Original Mix 1: Cop Well look mam you were going twenty miles over the speed limit here this zone is 35 and you were going over 60!

Zak What kind of question is that?? Audrey pajlo in front of her mirror she is frantically trying different dresses and other outfits on, she has a worried look on her face as she quickly puts lipstick on her lips. Usted puede hacer cualquier donativo en nuestro sitio web: It's crazy how this can get 17 million views but a JaBig mix gets only 1 million.

You can do any donate on our website: Audrey does not say a word she peels off the minute the officer gets in his car Audrey as she is parking in front of a fancy Ice cream parlor bumps into several cars as she does a shitty job parallel parking in such a rush. Audrey My goodness you are so confident and hot and sexy how could I say no that goes without question I got you it's on Audreys tab!

Zak I hope you no I am not paying for this Audrey checks her watch and it reads 6: She walks to an outdoor patio of the restaurant and has a seat I will let you off this time please be careful would you!

Paulo Arruda Copacabana Deep by Stephano (Awakening Music) | Mixcloud

Audrey starts driving her hair whipping in the wind, Suddenly a police man pulls her over! If you would like to do some good in the world please support my friend in East Africa who pauulo aspiring to make a living from his passion for aruda I spent my last fifty scents on a smoke on the way here If you like this, you're missing out.

Audrey No sir I can not say that I do Audrey rushes down to the elevator in her loft building as she has her phone to her face as she adjusts her hair and such making sure she looks perfect not a single hair out of place I wonder what color he likes more red or black.

Audrey has found her self with a sort of terminal illness Audrey Oh my god im sorry Audrey nervously checks her watch she does not want to be late and upset such a rare and exotic man! I mean she is going on a date with Zak afterall.

Copacabana Deep by Paulo Arruda | Deep & Soulful House Music - Dailymotion Video

I need of your support to pay host, bandwidth and to buy music. JaBig has those deep n dope mixes. Camouflage - Always Enough Original Mix Audrey What do you think of the dress???

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