Windaq software

Channel selection grid for DITC products enhanced. WDC in formats 2 and 8. Next channel and Previous channel buttons added to Statistics window.

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Frequency option allows level, slope and window size settings to acquire frequency. Capability to save and restore Event Wlndaq and Comments following a crash. Next channel and Previous channel buttons added to Fixed Calibration window.

Scaling digital plot fixed in HiRes files for overlapping screen formats. Capability to view markers in file being acquired by WinDaq.

Data Acquisition Software - DATAQ Instruments

Allows the WinDaq display to remain unchanged when minimizing or re sizing the window. New commands open file with next numeric sofhware. Also allows you to view event marks and timestamps.

Option to include event mark information in Spreadsheet Comments window added. Extra columns added to Spreadsheet Print files for points with event markers.

WinDaq Data Acquisition Software

Capability added to allow viewing annotation wincaq read-only files. Next channel and Previous channel buttons added to Statistics window. Wheel mouse controls added. Synchronized playback capability added WWB Navigator. Channel selection grid for DITC products enhanced. Ability to recover event markers and comments after crash. Synchronization capability added for ENB products. Save As window outputs all values when using compressed option.

Next channel and Previous channel buttons added to Limits window. Allows transfer import of calibration information from a previously recorded WinDaq file into the currently open file. Allows user annotation to be edited channel by channel.

Data Acquisition Software

Controls throughput in slower systems. Allows the user to revert back to the actual input voltage values after a channel has been calibrated to display engineering units. WDC in formats 2 and 8.

Source code split to support products that support syncronization, revision levels changed to reflect the split. Maximum device burst rate - edit preference for libusb-win32 devices. Broadcast messages from a "master" WinDaq installation to allow other WinDaq installations, running simultaneously, to start and stop recording in unison. Allows you to close WinDaq software once a recording session is complete. Ability to acquire data in Softwarre mode using dual core processors.

Allows vertical spacing of grid lines to be set pixels. Triggered Mode works for ENB products. Statistics for all channels are sofwtare to a user specified file when no channel is chosen using View Statistics. Capability to work via Windows XP remote desktop connection.

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