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Views Read Edit View history. Great script for my hobby site! We have been developing various mods, modules and tools for Dolphin for years. You'll want to, at the very least, edit the parts of the Privacy Policy that are about Dolphin software and make it more personalized to your site!

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You have full control over how your site looks and works.

TutorialHowToPersonalizeYourDolphinSite – BoonEx Trac

Shoutbox Let them shout! Responsive, mobile-friendly site layout plus native iOS and Android apps. Videos Upload, goonex and share videos. On paper Dolphin offers the most features when compared to others in the same arena.

Dolphin (social networking software)

Polls Create Poll questions and display community replies with visualised graphs. There is no other community platform that has the features and the community like Dolphin does. View full list of Social Networking Dolpuin. Design Templates Use different designs and let members choose what they like. All design elements are optimised to adapt to any screen size right down to smartphones.

What can I do!? Send announcements, site updates and promo offers.

Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin. You'll want to, at the very least, edit the parts of the Terms of Use that are about Dolphin software and make it more personalized to your site! Terms of Use page. Inlcudes pages, page blocks, SQL queries and many more. - World's Best Social Network Platform

Payments Connect your payment gateways to collect payments supported by different modules. It's just bounds and leaps ahead of any other social platform we tried and support is excellent. To create your site's logo, use your own graphics program or one of the many online logo generators available.

This is probably the most important edit, since the default About Us page is about Dolphin software! But the Worst was.

Community Software Demos

You can easily designed it the way want Cons: Aspiring web-entrepreneurs looking to turn their ideas into active niche social networks. I Used the Dolphin Version 7. Click on the hyperlinked name of the Page Block.

We are slowly turning the world into a bare desert. Blue Items are the top level Navigation Menu listings the ones you see on your menu Green items are the secondary Navigation Menu listings the ones you see in a dropdown menu when you hover over the main listings and that appear in the submenu when you navigate to the top level page Red items are system level menu listings, they will show when navigating to rolphin pages but do not show on the main navigation menu.

This was not possible because of an "Error" on the Boonex Site. Favicons are the small icon that appears next to the web address in the URL bar of scrpit browser. The potential is endless with all the builders xcript ready mods in the market.

To remove the BoonEx Feeds from your Admin pages: Mass-Mailer Reach your site members easily and effectively by email using the built-in Mass Mailer for Admin. The support team only tried to sell Modules from the Market. The default Dolphin installation can be modified to better meet your site's needs in several ways.

But Boonex booked the second.

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