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Draw a buffer hatch by picking interior point. Executes multiple processes on multiple selected drawings. Aggressively purges multiple drawings, more rigorous than built-in purge. Quickly change the drive and path or other fields on all symbols or only the current group. Export pages to Drawings DWG of each page, great as xrefs , images picture of page , or layouts makes a layout in the current drawing of each page.

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Processes multiple image files and makes a DWG for yoolpac with resulting geometry in the files model space. Notes manager allowing placement and updating of existing notes. A lookup table copied from a spreadsheet can be used to supply unique values for each drawing! Read his observations in this article. Executes multiple processes on multiple selected drawings. Captures the CAD viewport in tiles and inserts the captures as image objects. Collects multiple inserts at the same insertion point and replaces them with a single block inheriting all like attributes.

Rounds the corners of a selection set of 3dPolylines with radius and number of divisions options.

Many PDF files contain only a raster scan of the drawing and this simplifies the import process. Translation tables can saved to disk for later recall. Fills selected Mtext with contents of the clipboard.

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Quickly change the drive and tolopac or other fields on all symbols or only the current group. It works equally well in all environments, including Architectural, Engineering, Civil, Mechanical and Design.

To Polylines or 3dFaces. Numerous additional tools and dozens of refinements to existing tools detailed list. Toolpaac GPS information to images files without those fields.

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Individual attributes simply by picking. Our approach to symbol management utilizes a slide file that accompanies each drawing.

Changes file object is linked to. Edit multiple drawings simultaneously in a spreadsheet format. Converts a raster image to polylines, arcs and circles. This dialog allows you to page toolpc hundreds of symbols to find the desired one quickly. Users of older versions, please contact us for upgrade information. Sets specified drawing properties information in multiple selected drawings. Encrypts and tkolpac a selection set of annotation with a user specified key.

No need to undo which undoes additional work you want to keep! Make changes to the EXIF extended information properties of an image file. Dialog edit all properties of an attribute.

Automatically place text back into attribute slots. Insert blocks, images, and even copies across multiple selected layouts. To 3dpoly, Circles, or Polylines. A single floating palette for fast placement of multiple notes.

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No other raster software needed. Can be used to breakup massive images into smaller more managable tiles or to rasterize drawings for outside distribution.

It contains over functions designed with one purpose in mind, to save you time.

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