With you guys choosing to come back in the era of Gqom and trap do you think there's still a lane for you guys as the princes of Kwaito? We're ready for the comeback of this awesome duo. Florence Masebe reflects on her health struggles.

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Mshoza's hubby hands himself in, released on bail.

19 Oct Blom Blom with Mzambiya

So, for now, we're just dropping the single and we'll hear what the fans think. We're ready for the comeback of this awesome duo.

Content hosted by iono. He said a lot of money was lost through the contracts he signed with record labels and music video producers who would give him "certain percentages" from the work.

We're back with a new single called 'Imoto kaShukela'. Well, there you have it. Tell us how you feel.

'I think I've made over Rmillion' - Mzambiya

The child star was on Metro FM with Rams Mabote speaking about his financial journey and his plans to make a come back to the spotlight. Yes, I can safely say Kwaito is alive, they're still making songs which have a tempo between 45 and bpm, that's still Kwaito.

Mzambiya was recently reunited with the guys at Bull Dawgs records who discovered him in and is currently working on another collaboration with Msawawa. We want to also take mzmbiya Gqom thing and grow it. The Wawungakanani hitmaker explained that he's taken it upon himself to speak to young people about making sound financial decisions. But for now, it's 'Imoto kaShukela' we don't want to confuse them. It's been a long time since we heard from Mzambiyaheck it's been a long time since we heard from Msawawa.

10 Things you don't know about Mzambiya - Youth Village

Bonnie Mbuli slams Clifton Beach 'racial' incident. Listen to rest of the interview below: Mzabiya been a long time since people heard from you guys, what brings you back to the game?

We're celebrating 20 years in the music ondustry. By Tshisalive - 21 May - Once we're done in South Africa then we take the song to the world. The kwaito artist said he's now in a better place financially and gave credit to God and people who have guided him over the years. Florence Masebe reflects on her health struggles.

Former kwaito star Loyiso 'Chippa' Mangena now a corporate beast. When is the single going to be released?

10 Things you don’t know about Mzambiya

Kwaito star Nkosinathi Zwane better known as Mzambiya has estimated that he's made over Rmillion in his career as a musician in the past 20 years. Driver narrowly escapes attempted hijacking.

And just to add on what Mzambiya said we're also coming back with Gqom, the real kind that makes people dance because you know that it's a different pace in the game especially from the youth. Read More Jan 04, As you know, 20 years ago myself and Msawawa collaborated and made 'Wawungakanani', so now we've met again to do a new song for We'll also be doing a 9 province tour, going to the fans and doing launches of the single.

We even went deeper than jzambiya and decided to find the talent that made the same music that is popular right now, showing that we're not about riding the wave of mzsmbiya popular right now. Just when everyone thought trap music has taken over, the kwaito originals are back. So, we're more businessmen than musicians now. So, it just goes to show how Bulldawgs is still about bringing new talent to the fore. If they want a full album, they'll tell us. Their song is called iMoto Ka Shukela.

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