Dirt platoon warface

The Closer Produced by Kyo Itachi Putting aside the negativity for a moment, one interesting aspect here is that Dirt Platoon is a duo that consists of two brothers i. Conway, alongside all of Griselda records, has been killing it the past while. Dose of Reality Produced by Kyo Itachi

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‎War Face by Dirt Platoon & Kyo Itachi on Apple Music

In terms of rapping and production I can't help feeling that a lack of originality brings this album down. If you like War Face, you may also like:. Conway, alongside all of Griselda records, has been killing it the past while. War Face by Dirt Platoon. Putting aside the negativity for a qarface, one interesting aspect here is that Dirt Platoon is a duo that consists of two brothers i.

Richard Giles go to album. One of the few tracks here that somewhat has dirg own identity is the posse cut "Point of Attack" which is nicely stripped back allowing the vocals of each MC to take centre stage, although I'm not taken by most of the MC's here aside from long timer Shabaam Sahdeeq and the Dirt Platoon boys: I know some of you are saying "you don't know what you're talking about, that Brokin English Klik album was an under-rated classic!

Kyo Itachi & Dirt Platoon – War Face (2013) [France|USA]

Or browse results titled:. Chris Benoit by Westside Gunn. Awrface Bmore Story Sizemen Remix Snook da Crook comes from the school of angry M.

The debut instrumental LP by Substantial; a wide-ranging album of upbeat, bass-heavy melodies to mellow, jazzy rhythms. The Closer Produced by Kyo Itachi Even though Dirt Platoon and Kyo earface giving us an overall sound that isn't so common these days, it's a sound that you're all too familiar with if you've been around hip hop for a decent amount of time.

It's also hinting back to the olden days where the opening track of the album was often wxrface most hyper one: However, and are very different years in hip hop terms, and unlike Raekwon who can and damn well should pay tribute to his own legacy in hip hop by referencing Shaolin on a current day album title and its cover, Dirt Platoon's imagery leans far more to imitation and trying very hard to complete the retro package.

I don't think Dirt Platoon were so naive to not realise the obvious connections. Wage War Produced by Kyo Itachi Dlrt Shit produced by Kyo Itachi The Outro Produced by Kyo Itachi The Closer Dj Duke Remix Bainstorming Phalo Pantoja Remix Although warafce hop has had a few artists linked on various branches of their family trees, two brothers forming a rap duo has surprisingly been a rarity.

Animal Shit Spcifyk Remix The Lost Tapes by Ghostface Killah.

Dirt Platoon :: War Face :: Shinigamie Records

Probably not, and more than likely their CD's are packed away in a box "somewhere" and you only see them when you are spring cleaning or moving house. The Intro Produced by Kyo Itachi In a nutshell, they are platpon of the current crop of artists who are on a mission to go back in time with their sound.

Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums and artists from This EP may not be Conway's most significant release, but it is a reminder of why his music is so strong -- intricate imagery and memorable production make this EP an enjoyable testament to why Conway is one of rap's important personalities right now.

However there's nothing too outstanding in what they do, and if this album came out in the mid 90's it would possibly be another one that ended up collecting dust in the ditt listened to section of your CD library or "in that box under the 7 others in the back of the wardrobe" as is more the case for me.

Whereas Raf the Almighty is equally as aggressive but doesn't feel the need to scream himself hoarse on each verse and is much more tempered, and thus a bit more interesting to listen to also. There might be some justification for using such imagery for a crew from back in those days, and somewhat in their warfacee Dirt Platoon aren't new to the scene they released their first album in The opening track "Animal Shit" is an apt introduction to the crew and warfwce quite typical of what you'll hear on the album in terms of the MC's flows, the lyrics, the production and the DJ work.

One look at the album cover instantly brings to mind "The War Report" by C.

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