Brainworx bx digital v2

Very smooth filters, incredibly handy 'auto-solo' feature for finding the right frequency quickly, a smooth de-esser and mid-side functionality make this a winner. I said in the title surgery under the microscope as the details of your mix can be found so that plug is explicit foot slide, a scalpel precision cutting mono and stereo I specify an element your mix can also be isolated Whaouh The Mono-maker elliptical filter is a great tool on it's own. Even EQ novices can quickly EQ an entire project once they've got the hang of it.

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Even EQ novices can quickly EQ an entire project once they've got the hang of it. The Mono-maker elliptical bs is a great tool on it's own.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The native doesn't null even when the settings are flat, although the results are mostly inaudible. It was like that in the first version, it is like that now. The unique Bass and Presence Shifters have been made much more versatile, each now offering a selection of three different tilt filters that balance and unmask hidden details in your mixes. I have nothing negative to say for the moment we will see later Did you try many other models before buying it?

For example, users can simultaneously cut high frequencies of a mix to reduce the "essing" of the lead vocals, while boosting high frequencies of harmony instruments, like guitars, keyboards, and pianos.

I find myself isolating unwanted frequencies and resonances quickly… Read More. Together with the spl vitaliser these 2 products need propper coding since they are 3rd party development with also 3rd party support. Already a bignfan of the Manley massive passive, but BX digital v2 does many things very elegantly which other eqs don't touch. I'm not talking about mastering here, but just a simple touch to open up the mix a little bit and make it breathe, sometimes that's all that is needed and this one is the easiest way to get there!

Very versatile and musical. Aken May 24, Brxinworx UA, but this would need to have usable presets to get a better rating from me So wait to buy the bx digital and the spl vitaliser if you are on win 7 64 bits. Tested on a song, it brings a definite plus, I can not do without it now in the phase of premastering.

The Bass and Presence Shifters produce opposing boosts and cuts digial adjacent bands to prevent excess spectral energy buildup that can make mixes sound boomy, blurry or edgy.

Advanced imaging controls let you independently pan your mix's mid and side channels, widen the stereo image, swap left and right channels and center the phantom stereo image. Vekich November 11, And they sound great. Features Intelligent mastering processor with 3 Modes: One of the studios where I work owns the BX Digital native which gave me an opportunity to put the two versions head to head.

Brainworx bx_digital V2 EQ | UAD Audio Plugins | Universal Audio

Installation Manager Installation Manager v1. If you are looking for a clean correctional mastering eq the BX V2 is perfect. UAD User October 1, V3's transparent high pass and low pass filters now provide alternate slopes to sculpt your tracks' high and low end and selectively weed out rumble and hiss with greater precision. The UAD starting point seems less neutral sonically and in a null testbut individual band changes may be more subtle as a result.

Brainworx bx_digital V2 EQ

Bass Shift boosts at 63 Hz and simultaneously cuts at Hz. Busch January 10, Mono-Maker forces all frequencies from stereo to mono, and is adjustable from 20 Hz to 22 kHz — perfect for tightening up the low-end in any mix.

Each Shifter in V3 offers a selection of three different tilt-equalization sounds featuring different boost and cut frequencies, bandwidths and relative gain.

View All Industry Reviews. I can't believe how well I can make the worst recordings sound and there are plenty of braniworx on my system.

I also love it for surgical eq on problem tracks.

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