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The program has humble memory requirements for its class: Address Books The Address Books window has three user lists: Inbox The Inbox is the default folder for delivered messages.

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Save bandwidth and increase productivity by reducing recreational web surfing.

You can also limit access to the proxy server by an IP filter. If an e-mail address is not from your LAN e. By default this option is disabled. The first, and most obvious, is the content engine that takes an e-mail message and breaks it up into a series of words. The number must not include dashes, parenthesizes, pluses, spaces or other formatting symbols!

LAN SUITE Reviews, Pricing & Features

You can either complete the wizard or just press Cancel and proceed right to Advanced Configuration. Enter all domains separated by a comma.

This will deny access to the URL and return nothing to the browser. We recommend selecting one of the predefined security levels - High, Medium or Low. CA files directory - Enter the access path to the directory with files including the public keys of each certificate authority into the field CA files directory.

If at least one user does not have 602lah right, all users will receive unsorted faxes.

602LAN SUITE 2004 Manual

The port above is the source port; the standard port is the destination port. If you want to update the virus database manually click the Update Now button. Also, limit legal liability associated with pornography and illegal file downloads.

The Content Filter is available in trial mode for 30 days.

You can easily notice that LAN SUITE can work even with a dial-up connection in case you choose "Connection — Permanent", all other options on this tab 6022lan become unavailable, as they will be not necessary. The Preset routes button is enabled if you check the Use preset routes check box.

For the UDP protocol settings see below. After rebooting the computer, LAN SUITE worked fine with all correct settings of course, I could probably overwrite only all configuration files, but I just didn't want to figure them out. If a user with the admin right exists, it is possible to restrict direct access to the program configuration to administrators only.

Notify — You can send a notification about an incoming message to another e-mail address.

You can Add, Edit or Delete any item in the list. To use a Mapped application, register the application by defining the following values: Internet Explorer can be used as an FTP client. The first checkbox above all the checkboxes is the Check all checkbox. Whitelist Rules - URLs entered here will always be allowed. Add Text to the Header line — Header Line Text It is possible to enter a message into the field Header line text that will be printed first on a fax message.

Brave blocks unwanted content by default and keeps count. Save Draft If, for any reason, you can not finish the message, click the Save Draft button to save this message for future editing. Everything below is actually my story about "how good I felt after I found IT".


The Public key certificate is used by the client to decode the data. No bugs, no freezes, or any other troubles. Restricting administrative access to the program is very simple: Open Outlook Express 2.

Aliases To use aliases on the web server, define them by the following values: Once those are entered click Add.

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