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I have tried a few things using css code inserts and a markup block on the page - but it didn't work. How do I reduce the padding between images -- not posts -- on the Hudson blog? How can I get a sidebar like blog. Questions and answers related to development on the Squarespace platform.

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Squarespace Answers - latest questions http: How do I reduce the padding between images — not posts — on the Hudson blog?

It also incorporates AppSync which allows you to install free paid safera1b normally. Here's a site I'm currently working on http: I have made a gallery page not a normal page with a gallery block for the front page of my website. Is there anyone else that feels like it would be useful to have a roadmap to determine features that are going to be available soon vs more distant safeea1n help direct our own use of the site with preparation for what might be available for us to use in the near future?

I found some posts about CSS call outs for specific page ID but tried them and couldn't get it to work. However, this has now caused the navigation items to shift downwards.

With the easiest jailbreak solution called SoftRa1n updated for any firmware, out that is browser based even those who may have hesitated in the past are flocking to sites to install the jailbreak and then take advantage of what the EFF fought asfera1n.

Click on the black button to the right and sagera1n.

Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6, 7 and 8: New SafeRa1n v.0.2 Download

If you check it out in IE10 and I suspect earlier versions as well you'll notice that, unlike Firefox or Chrome, the side menu will go under the flash content. As of now, clicking any of the images only changes the image. Keeping the history in our minds, we now should be able to easy rest that the researchers such as SoftRa1n have always finally managed to escape the restrictions put in place to bring a jailbreak and unlock to the masses and there will always remain a lettle part within us that has doubts when Apple released a new version of iOS.

Here is the page that I am working on https: Then open SafeRa1n v0. The software is called SafeRa1n, is available exclusively in V02 and only on Windows for now. What is the best way to organise my scripts so theres less http requests. Add 1px border around Product images?

Squarespace Answers - latest questions

How do I modify the "added on" date on a blog. Depending on the safera1j job type from a radio buttonthe form would collect a set of information from the applicant and allow them to attach a PDF of their resume. The Team has just released today which brings first proper untethered jailbreak, with working Cydia and MobileSubstrate for all iOS 6.

Sure I'm missing something basic but any help appreciated. While the software upgrade will deal mostly with the bugs plaguing iOS 8.

Im a tad confused on the script. Untethered Jailbreak for iPhone iOS 6.


I only want the the images to change when the user clicks the arrow. While the software upgrade will deal mostly with the bugs plaguing iOS 8. Change the date thereof to 2 Octthe jailbreak uses a company certificate requiring safea1n change of date. Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 6, 7 and 8: Currently, SoftRa1n allows you to perform a untethered jailbreak to your device that has v.2 been upgraded to firmware iOS 6.


Browse the Latest Snapshot. A jailbreak for iOS 8. The company provides fast and smooth service to gadget users as per their demands. Hi - I have been able to set up a full width colour background section on the 'five' template aafera1n I would also like to have a slider gallery do the same thing. Password Confirm password Email.

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