Bia eshgham emad talebzadeh

Account Options Sign in. Dir Umadi Bazam Emad Talebzadeh 1. Rad Dadi Arteen Zamani.

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I did that because of my concern and interest in the concept of culture and its diversity.

Zendegiro Ba To Mikham. Halamo Nemifahme Emad Talebzadeh 1. Emad Talebzadeh - Hame Donyami. Alaghe Emad Talebzadeh 1. Ghazieh Az In Gharare.

Emad Talebzadeh - Bia Eshgham OFFICIAL VIDEO

Rad Dadi Arteen Zamani. Immersed in music and poetry since childhood, I had a great amount of passion for music when I was a student and my musical taste, which has a direct impact on the mood of my works, was formed throughout the same time frame.

I started to write lyrics very soon and quickly got my own style in music.

Dooset Dashtam Ft Ramin Khademi. Oon Gharibe Ki Bood. Emad Talebzadeh - Yadet Miad. Oon Gharibeh Ki Bood. Top Tracks Top Artists.

Key & BPM for Bizaram by Emad Talebzadeh | Tunebat

Rad Dadi Amer Remix. Zendegiro Ba To Mikham Ft. Asheghet Shodam Erfan Hoseyn. Ghazie Az in Gharare. Asheghet Shodam Erfan Hoseini Remix. At the beginning of high school, I got acquainted to the guitar through a friend of mine and began playing guitar in fusion groups. Dooset Dashtam Ft Ramin. Sasy Mankan used to work in the 6 and 8 style and had a lot of fans, but later for some reason dropped this style. Emad Talebzade - Alaghe I followed electronics music professionally, scientifically, and practically and ultimately have taught this topic at the University of Applied Science for 2 years.

Tamoome Ghalbe Man Ehsan Khajehamiri 1. Ba Hamoon Bemoon Remix.

Account Options Sign in. Rad Dadi Amer Remix. Rad Dadi Farshad Remix. Rad Dadi Farshad Remix. He has released three albums, Allegro and Darkoob and Hajilitto. Havai Shodi Mohsen Yeganeh 1.

Amirhossein Maghsoudloo, better known by his stage name Amir Tataloo, is an Iranian singer and songwriter. Eshghe Delam Hojjat Ashrafzadeh 1.

Yare Dordoone Emad Talebzadeh 1. Un Gharibe Ki Bod. Currently, along with studying Social Management Sciences for MA degree, I am working on my first official album which will be present soon.

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