Hopsin gazing at the moon

Hopsin's lyrics and flow are superb and the production is good, but it is made apparent right away that this is a different Hopsin from the one under the Funk Volume banner. His mom then screws up the timing twice in a comedic manner and it's overall a funny skit that does a good job of leading into the first official track "I'm Here. For me this was actually the last LP of his i listened to.

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If you want to provide a little history on why you chose to write this that's fine, but save it for the comments.

Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. Hopsins pretty good when he doesn't ruin the tracks with hooks.

On 3 Music Lists. The album's final single was "Motherfucker", the song was released on April 10, the song featured uncredited vocals on the chorus from DJ K who gaziing prominently featured in the music video along with cameos from SwizZzthis song marked the final single Hopsin released on a major label before his departure from Ruthless Records in mid From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Hopsin's lyrics and flow are superb and the production is good, but it is made apparent right away that this is a different Hopsin from the one under the Funk Volume banner.

Retrieved from " https: In this skit, appropriately named "Intro Skit," Hopsin is talking and eating chips while he cues his mom to play a beat. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Hopsin - Gazing At The Moonlight (album review 2) | Sputnikmusic

The album's third single and the album's first full track "I'm Here" was released March 17, in gazijg of the yopsin release, a music video for the song was shot but remained unreleased until due to Hopsin's falling with Ruthless.

I avoided this LP for a while, because of fear that it would be terrible. Gazint of things here First of all, get rid of this: In an interview, Hopsin stated that many of the songs such as "Pans in the Kitchen" were performed and written when he was in the twelfth grade and he initially anticipated the album would be released in due to the album being completed long before the release, however Hopsin was unaware of Ruthless Records plans.

It all started here for Hopsin, but his evolution is very prevalent. With this idea in mind I could listen to this album for what it is.

I can see this track being a little predictable for some, but I found little issue with the song. It looks a lot more professional, and it makes reading the whole thing seem less daunting.

LambsBread June 16th Comments. Retrieved 3 August The album's first promotional single, "Sexy Cyber" was readied and produced in and a music video was shot, however, this never saw the light of day due to issues with Ruthless Records until on Hopsin's official YouTube channel, [11] the music video thf dedicated to a woman named Lauren Kinsley.

This made it hard to listen to this album at first, but I got more use to the idea that he might have been playing into the Hip Hop stereotypes to better succeed on a major label.

Gazing At The Moonlight

It is more mature nopsin discuses Hopsin not wanting to sell out. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the end result, but not surprised to find that this is his weakest LP to date.

The worst is when he uses those hooks on loop as part of the beat. I love Raw and found much enjoyment in Knock Madness, but knowing what this album means to Hopsin nothing whatsoever and who it was te by I had reservations. Views Read Edit View history. Hopsin delves into topics similar to this often on later LPs with songs like "Good Guys Get Left Behind," but in this case his pure blunt approach pays off.

The album was met with positive reviews praising his vocal delivery, rapping skill, rhyming schemes and subject matter. Gazing at the Moonlight Gazing At The Moonlight is an interesting album overall.

Gazing at the Moonlight - Wikipedia

The album was a commercial failure. The next track "Break It Down" is one I am mixed on. This was Hopsin's only record released with Ruthless Records, to this day as his latest studio album released by the label, this album created bitter tension between Ruthless Records and Hopsin, due to the lack of promotion gazkng financial compensation for the album.

Retrieved January 1, Year of the Snitch.

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