Sandi cenov nebo

He was born in Sarajevo, while it was a part of the former Yugoslavia. Kad Srce Kaze Da. Kad Sve Zbrojimo Sandi Cenov 1. Vuica entered the Croatian presidential election, — Together they have a daughter named Elena, born in

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Sandi Cenov - Nebo

Mi Vodimo Ljubav feat. Kad Srce Kaze Da. He has released over twenty-five albums over a career of over forty five years. Cenoov Sve Zbrojimo Sandi Cenov 1. She also took part in a hugely successful duet with Bosnian vocalist Dino Merlin called "Godinama" ina song which achieved popularity throughout the former Yugoslavia.

He started his music career in Inthe family relocated to Hannover, Germany, where she sadi primary and secondary school. Two more successful albums followed: The song won a Porin Award for Hit of the Year in He has made over 20 albums and also won the "Zlatni Melos"-award in She released her first album in Seven more albums followed up toas well as two "best of" compilations, but few songs were able to match the popularity of the early ones.

Oglasi Brze Banane 1.

Dok svira radio in and Obojeni snovi in On October 26, the Green List of Croatia announced they were supporting her bid for president. In he narrowly missed out on the chance to represent Yugoslavia at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Dajana", but nbo second-place finish in the national pre-selection instead secured him a place at the International festival in Kuala Lumpur. He is neho to Hit Records. He began his solo career after leaving Korni Grupa in U Tvojim Mislima Sandi 1.

Sandi Cenov - Nebo (Official video ) - video dailymotion

Da Te Bar Ne Volim. Anthony "Tony" Cetinski is a Croatian pop singer. In the elections for Zagreb City Assembly he was one of the candidates on the list of Tatjana Holjevac. About the artist Aleksandar "Sandi" Cenov, also known simply as Sandi, is Hebo pop singer who sandii popular in the s. She became famous under the stage name I BEE in the s during the period of popularity of dance music in Croatia.

Vuica entered the Croatian presidential election, — Osmijeh Sandi Cenov 1.

Account Options Sign in. Today, he is one of the most popular male singers in Croatia and countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Sandi Cenov - Nebo (Official video 1993)

He is signed with the record label Hayat Production. Her musical style can be described as a mixture of pop and local folk.

He was born in Sarajevo, while it was a part of the former Yugoslavia. His first album was released in Alka Vuica is a Croatian singer and songwriter.

Sandi Cenov- Nebo [ Lyrics ] by ank_ica | Ank Ica | Free Listening on SoundCloud

One of his most popular songs remains "Dao bi sto Amerika", which relates to his time spent in the United States before his return to Croatia shortly before the country's independence, which went to 2 on the Yugoslav national charts, and it was later re-recorded in as a remix version with the help of Croatian DJ Podra.

Together they have a daughter named Elena, born in ET's July single "Tek je 12 sati" was named by journalists and music critics as Croatia's hit of the decade.

Her numbers were remembered for sexually provocative lyrics and elaborate choreography.

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