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Coming to screenplay, that is a bit complicated. Sunil entertained very well. Consciousness is primary - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 6:

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Dialogue delivery of Mahesh Babu is superb. Having said all the above, I would love to watch khleja again and again for Trivikram's Dialog and Mahesh's Dialog delivery.

He fulfills wishes only when asked for the well being of others. Meanwhile, Subhashini's father Tanikella is planning to get her engaged to the son of GK Prakashraj who has got a motive behind jhaleja.

If your a fan of mahesh babu then please watch it. And he takes one too many at that. Polyphia - Sweet Tea Feat.

You will see Mahesh in a different angle than before. My guess is, keeping all these kind of things kyaleja mind, Trivikram tried to reach the audience in a lighter manner with a decent message so audience say its not up to expectations.

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After realizing Tom and Siddappa followed him to Hyderabad, Raju puts fate to the test and when he understands the concept of deityhood and god, he makes it a goal to solve the mystical series of deaths in the village.

How Raju Mahesh manifests God mahes himself with unselfishness and mahesj love for others. Then from nowhere a medical camp is set up in the village.

Mahesh Babu who amazed everybody with his Uttarandhra dialect in his dialogue delivery in Pokiri this time uttered dialogues in Godavari dialect.

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Direction of the khaoeja is good in parts and screenplay should have been more effective. Raju kills GK's goons and severs GK's palm. Before dying, Siddhappa looks into Raju's eyes, mahrsh after. Mahesh's comic timing has been improved tremendously and the lighter mode of his typical mannerisms attracted vigils and claps.

Have you seen Khaleja Me: He finds GK's assistant Archana and suspects she has something to do with GK's plan as she did not get into his taxi along with Paranji, indicating she knew beforehand that he was going bvm be killed.

Perhaps the etching of his character should have been more powerful. Retrieved 4 August Seetharama Raju shortly called as Raju Mahesh Babu is in Rajasthan searching for a desert village called Girdalpur where in he needs to handover an Insurance check of Rs.

Yes, barring this if we keep logic out, this becomes an enjoyable ride.

Dialogues by Trivikram are huge asset to the movie. Then as the flash back finishes, the heroine's dad fixes her marriage with the villain's son.

On the flip-side, the second half plays a spoilsport and movie lacks consistent tone. Only unselfishness can see the bountiful God. The introduction shot of Mahesh Babu is weak.

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Archived from the original on 19 October Trivikram's major fort of dialogs aren't really top rate this time. The first question khalema teases your mind after watching 'Khaleja' is what it made Trivikram to take 3 years of time for completion of 'Khaleja'? Whole bym has a 'desert' visual theme as background and sequences in rajasthan and the barren village are visually nothing short of awesome credit goes to the brilliant cinematography! Then why the villain stops him and what happens next forms the rest of the story.

If anything his background music is a revelation. And the movie gives you a feel that it is hours long.

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