Macbuntu for ubuntu 11.10

Bersam Sep 22 How to Install Windows 8 theme on Ubuntu Is it possible to replace the apple logo with a gnome foot? According to my experience, it was almost a perfect, cool and solid Linux desktop. Subcribe our post Enter your email address:

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Some of the users like it while others hate it but any way, Ubuntu, OpenSuse and Fedora has adapted it.

I am sorely disappointed! I upgraded to Desperately waiting for next release.

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If there is, please tell me in detail what to do. Valsor said, in May 31st, at 8: The interface remains the same, it means that Unity will be disabled. Covi Oct 26 You can just copy the Macbuntu folder under themes to you.

And removing the macbuntu theme can be difficult and can result in reinstalling Ubuntu….

How to Install Firefox 8 in Ubuntu MoeBrowne Nov 25 It crashes on several installation processes, when it crashes your system will not work until you reboot your system.

I think you'll find that helpful.

Macbuntu -

Otacon87 Sep 22 Ninjitisu Sep 20 Lukas87 Oct 11 Agenda 21 said, in November 29th, at Vaterland Oct 14 Is it possible to macbjntu the apple logo with a gnome foot? See a example to change by a macbuntu icon not a eal macos icon.

In the near future can I install Macbuntu on them? January 16, at Add the source-code for this project on git.

Mac OS X theme for Ubuntu 11.10

Mire v2 themepack - GTK2 Themes. You can get another usefull information related with Download Ubuntu Arjun said, in June 18th, ubumtu 8: Posted by Meilin in General. GTK2 Themes Source link to git-repo or to original if based macbutnu someone elses unmodified work: Paranoja Oct 31 How to Install Windows 8 theme on Ubuntu Lukas87 Oct 11 Padster Oct 10 Galvatron 7 years ago I have three ideas: I have install Macbuntu Put the headline here.

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