Parker died and left a slew of fans clamoring for more books about his iconic characters, a few writers have stepped into the breach to deliver more tales. One that he might just as easily have said goodbye to in the next book. I love this guy! Diversity — Heavy on nonfiction, history, and religious titles with a surprisingly decent fiction section for a small shop. Throughout the book, readers are treated to more or less a roll call of regulars.

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Which would have been a bad bookhounf. Hamilton definitely veers into new territory. Lou Cameron was a real person and authored over three hundred novels, many of them in the Western and Adult Western genres. Diversity — Heavy on nonfiction, history, and religious titles with a surprisingly decent fiction section for a small shop.

The shift in angles is dramatic and subtle, depending on the mood of the scene. Or maybe they were two different people. When Blake picked up the walking stick and became Thor, his speech patterns were pretty much his own.

That was a letdown. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Most of them get quick mentions in one capacity or another, then the story moves along. And probably a little wish fulfillment on part of the writer to create something booohound and different out of something that had so many years and so many incarnations under its belt.

The bright spot in this plot is the return of Wilson Cromartie, but his presence is more a hint than a real guest-starring role. Like its predecessor, Fool Bbookhound Twice leans heavily on the three plot line structure.

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Reluctantly, he begins his investigation. But this is fiction and I wanted a quicker pace. Somebody murdered him and left him in the woods outside of the city.

This is an Adult Western, and Brandvold knows his way around those nookhound.

A Review of The Book Hound — James H Duncan

After Gus turns down the job, which Delcamino was willing to pay well for, Delcamino turns up dead as well. Unfortunately, I probably jumped back in too soon in some ways. One of the perks of the job. Boohkound they changed, more and more. I hope the Goddess of Thunder is with us for a while. Categorized in Adventureebookseries fiction and Western.

In this book, Levon has settled in for bookhound winter, taking a cover job as a handyman in a small community that often gets cut off from civilization. One that he might just as easily have said goodbye to in the next book. But this used book shop has some gems inside. But Brandvold keeps the spurs to his story and hammers through the lies and violence that surround the murder.

Book Hound Birthday Bash

They had a large religion section as well, again skewing older, and on the big center table in the back room you could find a lot hookhound turn-of-the-century magazines and tabloids. We needed more friction for more tension. I had to swallow pretty hard at the whole get-out-of-prison early angle, but I went with it because overlooking such things is necessary to enjoy a larger-than-life story.

Vookhound thing that really grabbed me about the novel was the first-person narrative.

There are certain skills to acquire before taking on this kind of life, and a definite mindset that a guy has to slip into. Atmosphere — Some rooms have an orderly selection while others have the feel of an antique flea market, so the atmosphere varies.

We have a victim and a villain, only the villain turns out to be another victim, which muddies the water, and none of this is truly explored enough to satisfy me. Which is the pull at the heart of every successful thriller. It felt way too much like the previous discussions about this, like a chorus to a familiar song.

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