Well, let me move him on over to the Actors page, because he was absolutely magnificent this episode. Or more like Mama Kang goes stress-shopping and Mama Choi just maxes her credit card. How gorgeous does he look with that shadow of a goatee? Woo-jae is overjoyed while Mama Kang demands to know what the heck is going on. Hahahaha Mama Kang is so funny. Seo-young comes to tutor Sung-jae the next day, and Mama Kang tells her to make up some excuse for ending the tutoring sessions. This whole situation is a comedy.

Seo-young, swimming in shock and bemusement, says she has no intention of marrying Woo-jae — sending Mama Kang into another round of shock and confusion. I have to force myself to not read ahead. How much do you know about me that you decided to marry me? He holds out his hand and encourages her to be strong. Sang-woo comes back up to his home and sees Papa Lee sitting despondently outside. Oh yes, Park Hae Jin as well, definitely.

Closing her eyes, and with trembling lips, she tells him that the person he knows is not her entire self. Papa Lee gives her an allowance, promising to send money each month, and they bid farewell, each trying to hide their tears.

But on the whole — well acted, decently written and lots of nice eye-candy. It meant a lot — truly!! Seo-young says she gave up m her whole life because of their father. Maybe he’s keeping his Cha Hyun Seok look coz that’s the role that catapulted him to the forefront of viewers’ consciousness?

My Daughter Seo Young Episode 8

This whole situation is a comedy. And I found out that you opened your heart to me. But I thought you guys knew my heart. Seriously cracks me up. She asks to go for some youny, fresh air, and he takes her to a beautifully scenic spot, complete with a picnic basket, blanket, pillows, and books for a nice time of rest.

We were people who valued ourselves above all else, people to whom pride was important. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Notify me of new comments via email. Are they going there? President Kang makes clear that he wants someone in the family to continue helming Winners Group — someone who has the same vision as Grandpa and President Kang. And awww, Director Choi.

Ho-jung, of course, gets an earful when she comes home. Laica May 25, at 2: Sang-woo apologizes to Mi-kyung for overstepping his bounds. How many times must she emphasize that Sung-jae is her son? She asks to meet him as soon as possible, and korean drama my daughter seo young ep 8 just yells Hallelujah. Perhaps because they give her the same type characters over and over?

Before Seo-young draama meet Woo-jae, she gets a call from Mama Kang. Do you really think I can study without Teach? The OTP is already married, and we still have at least 40 episodes to go. That was the moment I ragequit. I have to force myself to not read ahead.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Read your review — spent the weekend marathoning. The entire early stretch of the show, which deals with how these two very different-yet-similar, obstinate people come to admit their mutual attraction, and embrace their feelings for each other, was easily the most cracky portion of the show for me.

He tells himself he must be wrong, but when Seo-young turns korran profile towards the guests, he ducks his head for cover…. Saughter was not sent – check your email addresses! But either way, I no longer feel the same joy and light-heartedness when watching this show, because the dark, angry cloud of revelation is hovering just over the mountains.

Flash Review: My Daughter Seo Young | The Fangirl Verdict

Sang-woo recalls his sister giving him spending money she earned from the skanky hidden camera job, and Seo-young recalls their confrontation from the other night. As she korean drama my daughter seo young ep 8 away to walk home, Woo-jae tells her that he got the go-ahead for their marriage. But his words were right — we experienced too many things in a short period of time.

How gorgeous does he look with that shadow of a goatee? Help me kodean I can be happy. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Flash Review: My Daughter Seo Young

I am worried as well with how fast this drama geared up. I liked him very well in this too. Hahahaha Mama Kang is so funny.

She spots her brother, and what follows is probably the most heart-breaking scene thus far in the whole show. She eo craving coffee, she explains, then stops short when she sees the ring hanging around the straw. President Kang hilariously ridicules Woo-jae for being crazily in love and willing to make such a deal for a girl who may not even agree to marry him even if he gets the approval.

Lee Bo-young was absolutely fantastic this episode, and Chun Ho-jin once again showed me why it is I wub him so much. Credit to the writers, I found all the back-and-forth between Woo Jae and Seo Young believable and well-reasoned; I could easily believe the decisions they dramx made, and the emotions driving those decisions.

I could gaze for days! This site uses cookies. Finally, she comes out late at night, and they go out to eat — what else is new? He comes back with two coffees, and Seo-young thanks him for dsughter thoughtfulness.

So glad you are back doing the re-cap. I really would like to see the complete episode.