If a portable installation was chosen, manually delete the installed files. Most often, a portable program is installed on removable media such as thumb drives. How to participate Tailors make your course. But it is entirely possible to choose to perform a portable installation in a hard drive's folder.

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View course catalogue in Research Institute. The use of mathematics is kept to a minimum. Tailor-Made Training This training can also be customized for your institution upon request to a minimum of 4 participants. Please read the copyright notice and license agreement for more.

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Win4Deap 2 can be run as a "standard" Windows' application or as a "portable" application. Thanks to Jordan Russell for the Inno Setup Compiler which was used to create the installation program. This training adopts a strong practical approach to allow decision makers to conduct their own efficiency analysis and to easily interpret results.

B wwin4deap June Also an uninstall program will be installed.

You can have it delivered in our training center or at a convenient location. By calculating an efficiency score, it indicates if a firm is efficient or has capacity for improvement. By identifying the nature of returns to scale, it indicates if a firm has to decrease or increase its scale or size in order to minimize the average cost.

DEA helps decision makers in a number of ways.

Some important advanced topics of DEA adjustment to the environment; preferences; sensitivity analysis; time series data will be presented also. In a standard installation, that folder will be in a folder called Win4Deap2 in the user's Document folder.

Indepth Indepth Research Services Just make sure that you have full read and write rights on that folder. The setup compilber can be found on the Web at http: Register as a group. This means that it is possible to have data files in a folder other than DEAP 's.

Win4Deap 2

An uninstall program is installed along with Win4Deap2. It is possible to choose DEAP 's folder as the destination folder. Win4Deap 2 's help file is not complete.

In that case, it will be possible to install DEAP in the same folder. Win4Deap 2 Version 2. If a standard installation wjn4deap chosen, the extension. No changes were made to the system in that case. Need a detailed course outline?

Thanks to the team of dedicated volunteers for those excellent open source projects. The methodical background of DEA will be adequately explored.

They are in a folder called, appropriately, Examples. The application provides a grid not unlike a spreadsheet to enter data and writes the necessary instruction and data files for DEAP.

By setting target values for input and win4dfap, it calculates how much input must be decreased or output increased in order to become efficient. Most often, a portable program is installed on removable media such as thumb drives. The author of the program accepts no responsibility for any damages that could be caused by this software and makes no warranty, whether implied or implicit, about its fitness for any purpose.

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