The glee project 2x07

Blake agrees, but at the same time thinks they are totally different people. He says to be sure you're emoting and to keep the performance honest. But how does one earn the status of underdog? Ryan tells him to "drop the diva" and be real, and asks him why he had this reaction to the word "androgynous. After the performance, Ryan notes that Abraham is a good little performer, to which he responds by complimenting Ryan and his cute little hat.

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How rude was she?

The Glee Project 2x07 Theatricality (Grant Gustin) - ShareTV

Blake listens, but tells Michael that it's okay because they are two entirely different people. Ryan responds that he needs to stop being afraid, if he comes gleee next week. Lily feels this is unfair because Michael has had this note previously and not changed, and because he didn't do well in the studio.

It surely gave her another chance in the competition, but it was such inappropriate behavior. Both Blake and Michael say that they have become very close friends, and it's hard to be close friends and competitors, but they are each determined to win.

Abraham is incredibly bold and incredibly fearful. Michael tells Blake that he's worried that he's being compared to Blake. After choosing lines, Lily Mae directs the choreography. Nellie says she doesn't want to go home, but she's grateful for the experience, and she sings Keep Holding On. Glee is about the underdogs, yeah right!

Ryan tells him to "drop the glse and be real, and asks him why he had this reaction to the word "androgynous. At this point, he says, the only people who should move forward are people he feels honestly have a chance to win. She's ready to be fierce. Robert tells the contestants that the theme of the week is Theatricality, and everyone is extremely happy. Without Charlie there to calm her down, will a fight break out?

Theatricality (Season 2)

Robert thinks young people will really relate to Nellie. NellieLily MaeAbraham Eliminated: Before his performance, Ryan says he thought Abraham's Bowie was funny and androgynous and people would like Abraham's ghe.

Robert gets ready to bring in this week's guest mentor. For the homework assignment they had to do a Broadway number, which most of them never even heard of but they brought it well. Anyway, the mentors really liked almost every performance of the contestants so it was really hard for them to make a choice. Nellie feels that the selection of Melissa Ethridge's I'm the Only One for her last chance performance is cool.

The mentors think they will have a hard time choosing which ones should be in the bottom three because they all did so well. But how does one earn the status of underdog? In his own session, Nikki wants to talk about David Bowie and androgyny.

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Ali tells Robert that the house has gotten quieter- but not in a good way! Lily feels Cyndi Lauper is very like herself. Lily says that she doesn't think Michael wants this as badly as the rest of them, as he gets confidence notes frequently and doesn't seem to try and change anything.

Abraham seems jealous, especially because he will have to rap during Stereo Hearts, which he cannot. Aylin is starting to get annoyed with Lily. In the human interest video, rpoject contenders express adoration for how Zach teaches them the choreography.

Aylin feels that she's very close to being on Glee and is at a point where she feels like 'can we just go ahead and eliminate everyone else so I can get seven episodes, please?

In the end they complimented Blake, Ali, Aylin, and Shanna on their performances and projec the rest. Ryan says he is "fascinated" by Lily's performance of Someone Like You because she acted a character, but wonders why she did not do that in the music video for the week. On seeing the list, all three dissolve into tears, because it's Nellie who's going home. How was it possible for her to shine?

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