Indicates the UFGS has an attachment. These documents are available in the following formats: The conversion is a one-way process. UFGS 03 37 13 Shotcrete. UFGS 03 30

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The May release incorporates Automatic Paragraph Numbering. Narrow the list by selecting a 'Division' option from the drop-down specsintach view archived documents by selecting from the 'Status' drop-down and clicking 'Apply'.

SpecsIntact | WBDG - Whole Building Design Guide

UFGS 03 35 UFGS 01 45 Indicates the UFGS has an attachment. Division 01 - General Requirements.

UFGS 03 31 UFGS 03 30 UFGS 03 37 13 Shotcrete. Click the title to view the attachment under 'Related Materials'. Status - Any - Active Archive s.

UFGS 01 86 UFGS 01 35 Versions of Specsintact older than 4. As of May The user should specsintacy this order of precedence in selecting UFGS sections:. Division 02 - Existing Conditions. UFGS 01 91 UFGS 00 22 The conversion is a one-way process.

UFGS 03 11 For backward compatibility, Masters or Jobs created with older versions can still be opened using the latest software versions. UFGS 01 20 UFGS 01 22 UFGS 02 62 UFGS 01 33 Skip to main content.

UFGS 03 20 UFGS 01 57 Existing jobs can be converted to the new automatic numbered format. Section templates for MasterFormat and MasterFormat UFGS 01 83 Preparing agencies are indicated in the UFGS header of each specification. For Specsintact Technical Support: As of June

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