Gajeshanaya bhalchandraya shree ganeshaya dhimahi

Chants are a great way to learn and appreciate Sanskrit. Editor, You are right. May God bless you. Please listen to the song and find out.

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In bilvashtaka, there is a line "Aghora paapa samhaaram". May Lord Ganesh always have his 'kripadrishti ' on you. Thanks again, - Anup.

I really needed the translation for a long time.

Practical Sanskrit: meditate upon ganesh - गणनायकाय गणदेवताय गणाध्यक्षाय धीमहि ।

In this verse, from gaNESa we move onto krishNa: Thanks for your dedication and commitment. Contribution of you will be useful there.

By the way I am to deliver a full lecture on Creativity in Language Learning today and I came across this page. Hi, I have a doubt, Kindly clarify. I am guessing that one site had bhalchzndraya lyrics and all other sites copied from there. Can you please elaborate on this??

Shankar Mahadevan - Shree Ganeshaaya Dheemahi Lyrics

I hope you are a member of Samskrita gajdshanaya on email. Another mistake by Shankar Mahadevan This should help in translation: That is, that which has nothing more terrible than itself. I am very glad to find the right ones here.

Wonderful work for all ganesh lovers I bow my head to you faneshaya the deep of my heart for providing correct transliteration and also meaning. Please listen to the song and find out.

Ganesh Stotram - praNamya shirasA devam. It is difficult to understand using English alphabet why the change is happening.

VIRUDDH FAMILY COMES FIRST - Shree Ganeshaya Dhimahi |

I used to think Aghora is the opposite of Ghora. I was desperately looking for the right lyrics - I was able to find several sites that have the lyrics in English, but words are either wrong or faneshaya at wrong places. Purchase the books from Practical Sanskrit. A commendable job indeed. The trailing nasal of a word changes to the nasal of the following consonant's group.

I gajeshsnaya both words on different youtube video's and websites.

The music is nice as in film 'viruddh'and thanks for meanings that you gave. It is indeed very helpful!

Your translations are great - helped me get over a couple of places I would otherwise not have gotten. No clue what mOSa SastrAya means. Our prayers to the one with rounded gUDa ankles gulfAyathe one who is gajesganaya intoxicant mattAya of fragrances gandhaand the one who grants pradAya wealth [in the form of cows gO ] and victory jaya!

Thanks for the meaning of song.

I am using your information to teach this to kids here in United kingdom. May Lord Ganesh bless u for ever. I was searching the meaning of this wonderful song, since days.

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