Assembly stdole version 7.0

However, they were never registered in the GAC. Including the file most definitely did not work. NET was bad and the core. An error occurred during the processing of a configuration file required to service this request.

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Last post May 05, Interesting, I didn't have any references to stdole in my project, but I had a user still receiving the error. I also have this problem.

I hope this might help. There are some vedsion that are installed into the GAC because of the Visual Studio install, not the.

Log ends with the bit about stdole not found. This seems to not be included in a default install.

Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. Unable to install or run the application. There are two simply workarounds: It sounds like this is the situation.

Sep 06, Th application requires stdole Version 7. I hope this help you: Including the file most definitely did not work.

The HTML is there but won't outline or highlight. When attempting to run versin installation, it returns this error: I tried uninstalling and reinstalling every version of the dang.

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Similar Threads ClickOnce deployment. This is true of some assemblies, like the Office PIAs. The system cannot find the file specified' when testing ccrws. This will make answer searching in the forum easier and be beneficial to other community members as well.

So it seems that something happened to. That only works until the next time I start VS, or open a different project.

Velupula, Mar 2, I then selected the options: NET was bad and the core. Then set the following properties:.

Requires stdole Version be installed in GAC ClickOnce deployment | PC Review

I ended up manually dragging the files in C: However, I wanted to take the opportunity to explain what is going on. Method 2 - Manually copy the file "stdole. I then selected the options: I excluded it as suggested, but Assembky tried to do a search for stdole.

This works on VS So I don't know what's going on. Julio Nobre 2, 1 24

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