Revolution s02e19

I'm having a bad day. We'll meet her back at the rendezvous. If you want to try pizza, I will make you a pizza.

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Whatever it looks like I want Miles to be recolution. Looks like he got pinned down over there. Listen to the radio don't you remember, we built this city And it is, for the record, the worst song ever written.

I've seen him take a hell of a lot worse than this. Previous Episode Next Episode. Listen, I got news for you. You wanna do this now, huh? You you've had food and music and the whole being human tour. Because, lady, I know you, you're no Mother Theresa. Don't we have enough blood on our hands? Yeah, I have to.

This is Commanding Officer Shirley Jenkins. Why don't you just go home, revolutionn my wife, and sleep it off?

I didn't try to kill Carver! I don't know where he is. We're gonna find him, okay?

Revolution S02E19 - video dailymotion

I will take that pizza though. So now I need to figure out what kinda tomorrow I wanna see. What a shocker, you're drunk. Where the hell do you get off with this holier-than-thou crap? What the hell is this?

Next I think I'd like to know what pizza tastes like. I'm not gonna miss next time. Bass It's too rvolution blood. And just as he was pulling the trigger no going back every single part of my body started screaming, "I don't wanna die!

What the hell does that mean? I mean, let's go get him.

Revolution 2012 S02E19 Happens

Yeah, I didn't think I could either. And maybe the rest of your friends.

It's the best strategic position. I'm asking for your help.

Revolution s02e19 Episode Script | SS

I just wanna talk. They count on you. I said toss it. Where else would he have gone except chasing your tail? Where you going, Jason? If I'm that pathetic, Rachel, and you are so, so good explain to me that night in Philadelphia.

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