XStream will deserialize directly from a file or URL. HierarchicalStreamReader implementations must now implement close and underlyingReader. Update annotation tutorial, explain limitations of auto-detection mode. Deprecated all constructors of Driver, Reader and Writer implementations that take a XmlFriendlyReplacer as argument, added constructors taking a NameCoder instead. ConverterLookup that has to be passed to the new parent.

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Provide methods in AbstractCollectionConverter that read xstream-1.4.4.ajr write in a balanced way from and to the hierarchical stream. XppReader, new versions take an additional argument for the XmlPullParser. Deprecated constructors of c. Treat enums as immutable types. BitSet byte[] Base64 encodedchar[]. KeyStroke not properly serialized because of a character undefined in unicode. Performance drop in ImplicitCollectionMapper.

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Aliasing of arbitrary attributes. SortedSet added with TreeSet as the xstrezm-1.4.4.jar implementation. XmlFriendlyReplacer as part of the different XmlWriter implementations. HibernateMapper throws NPE if a collection contains null.

Simply register the alias duration again for type javax.

PathConverter uses always forward slashes as path separator. The following is a list of transitive dependencies for this project. JavaBeanConverter now supports customized BeanProvider. Dependencies Hibernate Module Supported Hibernate versions: Do not write 'defined-in' attribute if not needed.

Central Repository: com/thoughtworks/xstream/xstream/

See acceptance tests for XStream 1. Private method readResolve called on base classes. Fields written as attributes could not be omitted. Add converter for java. Deserialization of very complicated graphs such as Swing components sometimes resulted in broken object references. API changes Additional method: Missing support for xdtream-1.4.4.jar writeReplace calls.

XSite is a simple yet flexible site generation tool that allow a full templatable separation between content and style URL: Sun14ReflectionProvider in favor of new c. All methods with a ClassMapper parameter have now a duplicate taking only a Mapper.

Change History

MissingFieldException derived from c. API changes Any deprecated stuff of the 1.

Cleaned up the public API. Other optional 3rd party dependencies: ErrorReporter to allow other types to report also errors apart from a HierarchicalStreamReader.

XStream will fail fast if a field value is defined more than once in XML when deserializing. AbstractAttributedCharacterIteratorAttributeConverter xstream-1.4.4.jzr therefore TextAttributeConverter will check first if it can access the possible constants of the type by reflection. Handle all primitives and their boxed counterpart for JsonHierarchicalStreamDriver.

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