Tanja savic djerdani

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Sorry You have entered an incorrect PIN 3 times in a row. Sign up with e-mail. Her sisters name is Biljana, while her brother is Tomica. We sent you an email with a confirmation link.

Below you can tania the estimated earnings per week, month, year and total in order to get the best idea possible money earned by Snezana Babic Sneki.

With this album she became one of biggest stars in not only Serbia, but also neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and surrounding countries.

Get started with your music discovery. Without her knowledge, her father sold the home in while she lived in Australia. Please make sure to only add events that aren't already published on Viberate and that have all the requested information such as: This group of cookies contains functional cookies, which are used to remember tsnja site preferences, analytical cookies, which are used to collect an insight into the way users interact with our website, and commercial cookies, which are used to display personalised advertisements on various websites and share content from our website on social media.

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Download tanja savic djerdani official video 2015 MP3

Their first child, a son Makim, was born 29 December Sign up with Google. Snezana Babic Sneki can generate 1, views for around 1, euros, while another may have exactly the same number of views but 10 more revenue generated, why: In some cases, these cookies involve the processing of your personal data. To improve your experience on our website, we use the so-called performance cookies. To finish signing up, click on the link. Step 1 of 5. Although no one in the family was involved djerdai music, they all supported her interest and Tanja began to perform with the band Calypso.

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This led to her debut album Tako mlada that turned into a major success, paving the way for a career that followed. Step 4 of 5.

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Tanja Savic - Djerdani (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 2015

We will notify you when it's done! What you want to know is the Saire of Snezana Babic Sneki? It is important to note that if you change your settings and block certain cookies, you will not be able to take full advantage of some features of Tsnja services, and we might not be able to provide some features you have previously chosen to receive. She has not spoken with her parents and brother since then.

Her debut studio album, Tako mladawas released 16 June By using this site, you agree to the tanj of the technical cookies which are strictly necessary for the website to function properly.

Since then she has become a leading pop star in the region. Viberate uses cookies to ensure you the best possible experience. Don't have an account? To complete the registration process, please enter your phone number, so we can send you a verification code.

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