Jessica shirvington embrace

When Phoenix reads Violet's emotions, he tells her exactly what she needs to hear when she needs it most. Her dad has never really recovered, so she relies on her only best friend who is a trip , and her "trainer" Lincoln to keep her going. Beautifully written, especially the simmering sensuality and sex scenes, this book forms a terrific introduction to what promises to be a great series. It also capitalizes on the cliches. And in his quest to help steer Violet on the path to Angeldom, Linc had to lie to her for two years.

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He was very kind, obviously cared embracee for Vi, and wasn't perfect making me love him even more. I loved this book! AND, the romance, plot and pretty much everything improved. Which is fine and all, but really who describes themselves that way and then does the whole I'm not particularly beautiful act. I really, really did not like this book.

Did you notice the "Even when I didn't embface it. I also loved the epigraphs she chose for each chapter, all of which serve as appropriate and elegant teasers to the contents.

Embrace (5 Book Series) by Jessica Shirvington

Glimmers of purple floated through the black base of his hair and as the sun caught different angles, a few strands sparkled silver. Jessica Shirvington rocks my socks. What the hell was up with Phoenix?

He reads everything I write first and gives comments — even if I uessica cranky with him. I could read all 5 books in this series within weeks and I repeatedly read the entire series over and over and over again for about 4 years. It just felt so much more well rounded, and exciting story. Violet Eden is a strong female lead that, most of the time, I enjoyed reading and learning about.

Violet belongs with Phoenix!!! What a freaking character he is by far THE best character I have read. Crazy for Young A The last thing I hate in this book and in general are freaking love triangles!

Gimena rated it it was amazing Dec 04, Understands Lincoin and joins him? Entice by Jessica Shirvington. I've seen this story over and over again.

Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters, #1) by Jessica Shirvington

Shivrington reading and if you pick this book up, hope it goes better for you than it did for me: SO it's a two star rating for me. For those craving steam and heat, you will get it. I also loved steph the best friend to Violet, she really had an important role in the embrxce, and of course she is a best friend anyone would want to have their backs.

Let me rephrase that, the scant few times he shows up, he is a dick.

Jessica Shirvington's 'Embrace' Heads to Television

And what does she do when she finds out the truth about her mothers past?? This book pulls you in from the beginning, makes you addicted and wanting more.

Understands Lincoin and jo This book was very very disappointing. Protagonist should look like a Disney princess but not know it like that Dove study says, women are their own worst critic especially in YA girl world.

emhrace I'm not really sure how many stars this is worth, but I'm so freaking glad that Vi ditched that stupid She loves her best friend, Lincoln. View all 3 comments.

Review quote This is definitely one of my favorite young adult paranormal fiction novels.

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