Pahelika revelations strategy guide

Please click on the buttons in the following order: Wait until the water turns green and fill the bottle. Once you place the colored stone, put it back into the inventory and pick up the next one. Click on the lantern again and it will go back into the inventory.

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Pahelika: Secret Legends Walkthrough & Cheats

Click on the metal rod, and it will go into the inventory. Black Book Walkthrough Grim Facade: Pick up the short stick on top of the bookshelf on the left. The answers to the riddles are 2, 7 and 4; pull the 2nd book on the top shelf, the 7th book on the middle shelf, the 4th book on revelationz bottom shelf. Place the wood in the oven, and the fire will start.

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Place that key on the iron vault, on the right side of the workshop. There is no penalty for clicking randomly in the scene. If the safe is not there, be sure you moved the cabinet earlier. I bought this game as part of the Indie Gala Friday Special 5 bundle.

Slide 5 one space down. Any unauthorized use, including re-publication in whole or in part, without permission, is strictly prohibited. Open the cabinet on the top right side and pick up the scroll that is inside.

See screenshot L for solution. Place the handle on the piece that is on the lower right side of the door. Then press the circle that is at the bottom of the ice pillar.

Pahelika: Revelations Walkthrough

If you do not wish to read or hear the dialogue, you can click on the skip button at the bottom of the page. Once they are all in place, the contraption will close automatically. We hope you find this information useful as you play ghide way through the game.

All interactive areas are indicated with sparkles when revelqtions move your cursor over them. From the ice room, click on the open door. On the right side, click all three buttons.

From the massive hall, click on the arrow in the upper left corner. Click on the lion statue that is carved on the right side of the scene.

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The spring has to be fully wound in order for the robot to accept it. Take the books and place them on the mat in front of the door in the following order: Click inside the window, and a hammer will appear; click on the hammer and it will go into the inventory.

Place the blue stone on the far left side of the teleporter. There are three levers on the lower right side of the scene.

Use the walkthrough menu below to quickly jump to whatever stage of the game you need help with. Grab the Kendali Leaves from the inventory and place it in the pot. Click on the buttons in the following order: Once the puzzle has been solved, grab the scroll that is inside. Click on the wooden door, and a slider puzzle will appear. Wow, that must be difficult! You can come back and pick up the key.

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